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The Indian Sitar legend, Ravi Shankar has thrilled the music lovers throughout the world since 1944.  He is not only a tremendous musician but also a humanitarian leader. Shankar is increasingly inclined towards the promotion of peace and unity across the world through his project “the Art of Living”. Ravi Shankar’s truly spiritual approach towards music sets him apart from the rest of the Indian artists. Even as a child, he was fond of meditation and at the young age of four he could excellently recite Bhagavad Gita. His mesmeric sitar tunes have honored him with global recognition.

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Initially Ravi Shankar established his career as a dancer. He was one of the most brilliant members of his brother, Uday Shankar’s dance troupe. During his tenure with this group, Shankar got significant exposure to various forms of dancing and music. Along with the other members, he travelled to Paris, Europe and America. These tours provided him with great understanding of Western customs, music and cinema.
Ravi Shankar’s upbeat struggle to become a sparkling musician started in 1938. In this year, he quit his dancing career and started taking Sitar lessons from Allaudin Khan. Upon the completion of his training in 1944, Shankar started to compose music for Apu Trilogy. Besides that, Ravi Shankar also served as the music director of the much popular All India Radio in 1949. With his astounding knowledge in different musical styles like Khyal, dhrupad and dhamal, Shankar managed to create some of the best tracks. He served as a valuable member of the Indian People's Theatre Association from 1945-46. Shankar’s music became well known for its unique style. He provided the music buffs with a great amalgam of western and eastern music.
The introduction of Indian classical music to the western world can be largely attributed to the unending efforts of Ravi Shankar. In 1956, Shankar determinedly travelled across the US, Germany and UK. His ideal purpose was to educate the Western audience about the exclusivity of Indian Music. In all his performances, Ravi Shankar incorporated the mesmerizing touch of South Indian music. For this reason his performances became incredibly popular amongst the western population.
Shankar managed to attain extensive number of awards and honoraries from 1957-1997. He received two Padma Bhushan Awards in 1967 and 1981 respectively.  Amongst his remarkable achievements, UNESCO International Music Council Award is the most eminent ones. He is perhaps one the most honored Indian artists who have bagged a huge number of International Awards such as the Japanese Award, Praemium Imperiale. Ravi Shankar has also served as a valuable member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters since 1997.
Ravi Shankar has remained in the spotlight for his infinite efforts towards the promotion of peace and harmony. He has helped millions of flood victims, earthquake victims and particularly children facing critical issues like homelessness. His International Association for Human Values (IAHV) has benefited above 36000 villages. Shankar believes in creating a serene, non violent and peaceful world for the entire human kind. Through his social initiatives, he has transformed the lives of many for good.
During the late 90’s, Shankar staged more than 40 live performances in different parts of the world. His dazzling composition, Full Circle: Carnegie Hall 2000 received a Grammy Award in 2000. For his far-reaching achievements, Ravi Shankar is considered to be the Sound of India. According to many critics, he is one of the top most Sitar players of the 20th century. His daughters, Anoushka Shankar and Norah Jones are also following the valuable footsteps of their father. Both the young artists have gained a prestigious repute in the music world.  Shankar is a wonderful role model for the aspiring artists who regard him for his innovative music techniques and ideal stage performances. To get enchanted by his soothing Sitar tunes, grab your Ravi Shankar tickets now! 

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