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When it comes to the Spanish genre of song, music and dance, Flamenco, the name Paco Pena definitely comes up as one of the masters of this fascinating genre. Get Paco Pena Flamenco Ensemble tickets to enjoy a live performance by this legendary guitarist, dramatist, producer, mentor and composer who is known as one of the leading, traditional Flamenco artists.

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About Paco Pena Flamenco Ensemble

Born in Cordoba, Spain on 1 June, 1942, he started learning guitar-playing at the age of six and had his first public performance at the age of twelve. His family’s encouragement led him to perform all over Spain with a government-funded ‘folk music and dance’ program. In next to no time, he was being contacted by Flamenco companies from Costa Brava and Madrid. Here, he became a well-established Flamenco dance and song accompanist. He was soon searching for greater challenges and in the 1960s, he moved to London to start his career as a soloist. His first performance in the ‘Restaurante Antonio’ in Covent Garden produced a huge amount of interest from the British public that was completely new to the captivating Flamenco genre. It was not long before he was performing with world-renown artists like Jimi Hendrix. His first solo performance was in 1967 at Wigmore Hall. Pena’s world tours as an accompanist and a soloist also started soon after. During these tours, he performed at places like the Royal Albert Hall, London, Carnegie Hall, New York City and at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. At Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, he formed the first-ever university level Flamenco guitar course. He also built the Centro Flamenco Paco Pena, Cordoba and founded the Cordoba Guitar Festival that is a celebrated annual event today. Great Flamenco artists like Paco de Lucia and Manolo Sanlucar have performed at this well-known festival.
King Juan Carlos of Spain named Pena as ‘Oficial de la Cruz de la Orden del Merito Civil’ in 1997. Some of his famous compositions are ‘A Flamenco Mass’, ‘Requiem for the Earth’ and ‘Misa Flamenca’. Co-work with prominent guitarists Eduardo Falu and John Williams and the band Inti-Illimani forms a faction of his major collaborations. His recent show ‘Flamenco Sin Fronteras’ discovers the relationship between Flamenco and Venezuelan music. ‘Quimeras’ is another one of his famed shows that includes the Paco Pena Flamenco Dance Company and is a show on African immigrants looking for work in Spain. Pena has also written a portion on Flamenco for ‘The Guitar’, a guidebook for teachers and students. For five years in a row, he has been named the ‘Best Flamenco Guitarist’ by America’s Guitar.
Pena has now brought together his group of outstanding Flamenco performers, including both musicians and dancers, for a breathtaking journey through Flamenco’s history. The tour starts with the most basic types of this entrancing form of art and gradually takes its viewers to the most advanced levels of contemporary Flamenco, while elaborating the later variations’ complexities. The performance starts off at a slow, measured pace and builds on to include beautiful, complex rhythms that make the audience’s emotions take a rollercoaster ride. His shows have brilliant voices, an ensemble of guitarists and rhythmic drumming that he uses to give a detailed view of Flamenco’s passion. The stunning colors, beautiful expression and raw emotion of Flamenco dancers more than fulfill the requirements of a good Flamenco show. To depict a spontaneous and rhythmic collaboration between the three disciplines of art, Pena hand-picks the singers, guitarists and dancers for his shows. Of the numerous reviews his Flamenco show has received, Daily Express quoted it as ‘Music and dance that threatens to blow the roof off the auditorium. A fantastic night’ and New York Times applauded it in the words ‘dazzling an audience beyond the frets of modern man’.  
If you are intrigued by this unique Spanish genre of music that many western musicians have tried to adapt, get cheap Paco Pena Ensemble tickets to see the very establishers of it bringing Spanish tradition to life. 

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