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Pablo Ziegler is a jazz musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His interest in music began from a very early age. As a child, he took piano lessons which introduced him to the world of classical tunes. As a 14 year old, he joined several jazz groups where he played piano and even gave many solo performances throughout his city. He continued to experiment with being a solo pianist till he was 18. From then on, he decided to take a more professional approach to his talent. He thus enrolled into the “Buenos Aires Music Conservatory” where he polished his talents and became a piano professor. He then attended the “Adrian Moreno and GaliaSchaljman” where he had the chance to work with renowned composers such as FransiscoKropflt and Gerardo Gandini. In retrospect, it is from here that his career rocketed off and he came forth as one of the prominent stars in his city. Today, he is amongst the most well known composers of the world. If you want to see the talented musician in action, then treat yourself to Pablo Ziegler tickets.

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About Pablo Ziegler

Ziegler is known to the world as a composer. He is simultaneously based in his own Buenos Aires and in New York City. Currently, he is part of the “Nuevo Tango” where he serves as the leader—a high honor for any classical musician. He earned this post because of his extensive experience working with Astor Piazzolla, from 1978 all the way till the legends retirement. Piazzolla was known for his compositions in tango music and thus became the face of the genre. After his retirement, Ziegler carried on the proverbial torch and began to compose tunes based on his mentor’s work. He had the privilege of performing with the “Conjunto 9” once more at the “Buenos Aires Philharmonic”. By 1990, he formed his own Tango Quartet and started a legacy of his own.
Ziegler has been an active musician since the 1980s. His works and touring has continued on with the same vigor in the more recent years as well. In 2011, he joined forces with two more musicians, Ragazzi and Del Curto. Together, they played at “The Brooks Centre for Performing Arts” in South Carolina. Currently, he is also a music teacher at Clemson University, where he shares the knowledge from all his travels and his experience as a celebrity figure with the classical piano fans. He has extended his teaching skills to other parts of the world as well; he teaches from time to time in Tokyo as well. He was in fact a judge in their annual “Nihon Piano Competition”.
2011 was a particularly eventful year for the pianist, for along with teaching and judging, he also got to play concerts with his two music partners, this time, Armando de la Vega and Walter Castro. He had the honor of performing at the event of Astor Piazzolla’s 90th birthday and pay homage to him at the famous “El Centro Cultural Torcuato Tasso”. This was in his hometown of Buenos Aires in Argentina and so it was made into a huge event that met with much success. Following this high end event, he went back to USA where he introduced his new program “Beyond Tango” that begins with him, adds another piano, merges into a quartet and keeps on progressing until a 12 piece ensemble is reached. This composition was met with much appreciation and a number of high reviews from the harshest of critics. The New York Times was especially grandiose with their acknowledgement of his work, calling it “crisp” and “on point”.
Pablo Ziegler tickets are sold each year for different sets and concerts. The pianist is part of several music groups; he performs as part of a quartet and a separate trio when he plays in the US. Additionally, he presents himself as a solo performer in Japan and Argentina and as part of a 12 piece symphony from time to time in Europe.
In Japan, his concert series by the name of “Discover the secret about the New Tango” has been particularly successful. It includes the complete set of his “Beyond Tango” composition and his collaboration with the artist Satoshi Kitamura. He always incorporates the tastes of foreign music wherever he tours and infuses the new sounds from his travels into his own style as well. He is taking on the US with his compositions once more and cheap Pablo Ziegler tickets can also be bought if one wishes to attend.

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