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Gilberto Gil is popular for producing music that has immensely concrete rhythmic appeal and the beats as mixed and varied. Playing a fundamental role in bringing forth the Brazilian music and culture, Gilberto made his name like many only dream of. Born in 1942, Gilberto has simply given rise to the political awareness through his innovative music. A singer, guitarist, accordion and songwriter, Gilberto Gil has explored diverse arenas of his personality. With eclectic influences strongly overpowering and defining his music style, Gilberto incorporates Brazilian genres like African music and Samba, Rock beats as well as reggae. The passion for music did not come to him by chance rather it was in him since he was a young lad. His mother seconds him for this passion and truly supported him thus bringing out the best of the music from him. As a teenager, he joined his first band and thus made a debut as a bossa nova musician.

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About Gilberto Gil

His passion for beats and patriotism in heart instilled him to write lyrics for the songs embed with the spirit of social activism and political awareness. His passion to serve the country emerged him as a politician and thus he served the nation as Minister of Culture since 2003 till 2008. During the Brazilian military regime Gilberto was thought to be a threat and was thus inhibited for nine months and later was told to leave the country in 1969. After his return back in the state of Bahia in 1972, Gilberto started playing music once again besides being an environmental and social activist. Some of the major influences on Gilberto were that of Gonzaga and Dorival who were great in presenting accordion and beach style samba music. During his high school days he joined the music band Os Desafinados which was primarily influenced by rock and roll musicians. The band gave a pretty good start to Gilberto and thus instilled him with the passion to take music to an entirely new level. After the lapse of three years, Gilberto got an inspiration from Joao Gilberto, a Brazilian star and started playing bossa nova and guitar as his key instrument.
Gilberto captured the international market in 1978 and gave a successful live performance at Montreaux Jazz Festival, Switzerland which gave him a boom in the music scene. Immense variety of topics was handled by Gilberto in his lyrics ranging from racial discrimination to social inequality, religion to science and from Oriental to African Culture is just a few to be mentioned. It is artistic endeavor that Gilberto involves thus making him one of the finest composers and lyricist of Brazil.
 There was once a time in the life of Gilberto Gil when he used to sell bananas and later explored his talent by composing jingles for the television advertisements. That was the time of uncertainty in the life of Gil and by persistence; Gil achieved what others only dream of. With inborn talent and a spirit to give the best to the music lovers is what Gilberto always thought of. A humanitarian by heart with a notion to improve the society is all Gil ever thought of whether it be his lyrics or his personal efforts towards the nation.
The great endeavors of Gilberto Gill are not over yet as he has brought 52 albums in the market with 12 gold records, 7 Grammy awards, 5 platinum albums and over 4 million records sold worldwide. With such great laurels in the hat of Gilberto Gil, the talent is sure worthy of praise. Tick out some time this season and grab your share of Gilberto Gil tickets now. Gilberto is considered the ambassador of the Brazilian music as many noted personalities and entities have honored him for his great contribution in making Brazilian music a big hit. Appreciate the talent in this great Brazilian artist by being the part of Gilberto Gil show.

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