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Individuals that are part of the state machinery are rarely known for their skills at spinning melodies in addition to rhetoric. However, Gilberto Gil has made a name for himself in both in the worlds of music as well as that of politics. Claim some cheap Gilberto Gil Oakland tickets now to be serenaded by his samba and reggae vibes. This Brazilian native was born in the city of Salvador in the midst of the Second World War. His symphonic inclination set in at an early age and he asserted his aspirations becoming a musician or the head of state of his country when he was only some two odd years old. Gilberto has surely delivered on both fronts, now being recognized as a pioneer of the genre of world music as well as having served as Brazil's Minister of Culture during the 2000s.

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Gilberto Gil's foray into music started during his tenure at the Federal University of Bahia during the 1960s and blossomed into his debut album Louvação in 1967. Though Gilberto was imprisoned by the military regime towards the end of the 60s', he persevered in effusing his melodic essences in the form of an album virtually every year in the past four decades. He will surely shoot forth his tunes like a geyser at the Gilberto Gil Oakland event. In the past three decades, Gilberto has received well over a dozen awards, including a pair of Grammies matched by two Latin Grammy Awards. Book some Gilberto Gil Oakland tickets now to wallow in his funky, folk fare.