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With the inspiration from Oscar Wilde’s stage play character Enrique Bunbury became a name associated with Spanish rock music. Making his debut in 80’s Bunbury joined a high school band Apocalipsis and in 84 became the part of Zumo de Vidrio as a vocalist. As the band split in 1996, Bunbury took a great leap and ventured on a solo career in 1997 and produced an electro-rock album titled Radical Sonora.  Enrique always wanted to go through the process of reinventing himself thus he produced an album Pequeno in 1999 which was very different from what he had been doing earlier. In 2007, Enrique participated in an exclusive concert organized in ten cities around the world. The concert was called Tour 2007 to mark the 20th anniversary celebration of their first performance. In 2006 Enrique Bunbury dissolved the band that stayed intact for eight years and with Nacho Vegas he recorded his new album.

About Enrique Bunbury Tickets

As Bunbury started his career in 1979 with his first purchase of guitar, Enrique developed his Spanish rock career. The internationally acclaimed band Heroes del Silencio attained applause that that has never been achieved ever. As the album Radical Sonora was released, Bunbury established himself as a solo artist and won praise for his solo debut effort. His live album Pequeno Cabaret Ambulante earned him a Latin Grammy Award nomination for his album El Extranjero as being the Best Male Vocal Album. Gaining multi-platinum sales in Spain, US and Latin America, Enrique Bunbury was at the seventh sky for such inviting deal. Later a new idea was presented by Bunbury in his album El Viaje a Ninguna Parte that exhibited the spirit of a puppeteer in a unique manner. With the portrayal of traditional Latin songs, the new album was a bang on the music market and won praise that was hard to imagine otherwise. The latest album has most of the collection produced by Enrique himself and has been arranged by Los Santos Inocentes.  Enrique Bunbury tickets can be a fantastic surprise for your loved ones with a memorable performance hard to forget.
The cryptic lyrics and protean image made Bunbury that he had never dreamed of. The sly poetic wordplay accompanied with the literary illusions made Enrique Bunbury the idol of the Spanish and Latin region.  Bunbury gained fame in no time and his popularity is growing in no time. The lyrics, beats and the energy on stage all make him to die for and the concert, a must-see for sure. Bunbury still has good wishes for his previous band mates and wishes success in their careers too.  Cheap Enrique Bunbury tickets excite a fire in you that can surely make your weekend worth remembering. Although some melancholic beats sadden the mood too but they surely depict the moods of life that one goes through.
Many singles are produced by Enrique himself that portray the storytelling lyrics and the acoustic beats of Enrique that are very special to his style. Once listened to the beats, it gets hard to go away with them as Enrique’s voice simply gets in your ears and seeps in the heart. Although in the latest album Enrique remade the popular song by Jeannette which was immensely praised. The unique characteristic voice and the pitch make his songs worth listening to again and again. This season it seems hard to avoid the Enrique Bunbury shows as the world is pouring in to see the live performance and relish the beats that are much praised. Enrique has been projected as a boxer figure that falls only to rise again with grace and this can be observed in his albums and even in each of his songs. Some very intriguing Mediterranean beats also make up what others have never thought of using in their beats. That is why Enrique claims himself an experimental musician who plays and performs with heart which is evident from his work.

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