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Eileen Ivers is an American musician born in the New York City. Her origin is Irish, thus she used to spend most of her holidays in Ireland, where she started taking fiddle classes at the age of 9. She is famous to have converted the old folk fiddle playing tradition into and international performing art.  She is one of those artists that really improvise in the world of music.

About Eileen Ivers

This Grammy Award winning musician is no doubt among the top fiddlers of the world. Eileen is highly known for her signature indigo, eye catching instrument, named as “Wild Blue”. The harmony and relation between her and the instrument can be felt by anyone who has seen her performing live. Each and every note played on that particular instrument is more like magic, more like a mythical dark haired fairy on the stage, holding her magical wand. Her music is deeply rooted in her traditional upbringing. She mentioned in her interview with Los Angeles Times that she had a great teacher, Martin Mulvihill who gave her the strong traditional roots. She also told that she has experimented a lot and has mixed a lot of jazz and rock in her music on the road.
Eileen Ivers is a highly versatile artist; she has performed with various bands and different singers throughout her career. She has played blues, jazz, classical, rock, traditional Irish folk and bluegrass. In the past Eileen has been a member of the bands “Cherish the Ladies” and “Chanting House”, she has performed live with them and has recorded sessions with Hothouse Flowers, Sharon Shannon, Luka Bloom, Patti Smith, Boston Pops etc. She has made guest appearances in more than 60 traditional albums. Eileen’s very first album was self-titled and was released in 1994. Michael Tearson mentioned that Eileen’s indigo instrument is her “star-attraction” and that she is the kind of improviser who often leads a tune into “uncharted territories”. After the release of her first album she was chosen by Bill Whelan, who offered her to join “Riverdance”. “Riverdance” led to a great success for Eileen. Her very first solo project with Sony Classical was her album of 1999 called “Crossing the Bridge”.
Eileen Ivers kept on experimenting with her fiddle and music throughout the new decade too. With the dawn of the new decade she introduced a soundtrack for the movie “Things You Can Tell by Just Looking at Her”. Her music also appeared in the soundtracks such as “Gangs of New York”.  Meanwhile she started working on her new album and kept collaborating with different singers and musicians. She has toured through Russia, Japan, USA, Australia, Caribbean, Mexico and Philippines. Her latest album to date is “An Nollaig: An Irish Christmas” 2007. Eileen is also among the lucky privileged ones to have played side by side with world’s top violinists Regina Carter and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg in the “Fiddlers Three”.
Eileen Ivers’ one of the most creative creations is “Beyond the Bog Road”. It is a concert of music, film, story and dance. The concert is based on a journey of an Irish immigrant, and celebrates the traditional Irish music and its rich background. The whole story is of how America influences an Irish immigrant and he in return affects the country.

Eileen Ivers has been named as a “sensation” by Billboard magazine. Eileen has been famously known for being able to keep her audience spell bound throughout her live performances. Her past full of diversity of cultures, being an immigrant to America, gives a unique touch to her musical career and her over all graceful personality. Over her almost 3 decades in the music world, she has gained more fame on stage than on stereos. If you wish to watch this sensational fiddle player with her indigo instrument, enchanting the crowd live on stage, get your Eileen Ivers Tickets now!