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CRAICMORE tickets bring one of the most venerated Celtic music acts to be showcased in the US this season. CRAICMORE is a contemporary Celtic music group from L.A. Their music is deeply rooted in the traditional folk Scottish and Irish music. The group’s Celtic music is mostly traditional but it is partially influenced by rock, pop and folk music of the US and Australia. The history of Celts and their music shows that they spread their influences all over the world. Most traditionalists believe that the group has brought a wide range of influence into their music. From Afro Celts to Chieftains, Australian rock and Pogues, the band has absorbed a great deal of tunes, rhythms and harmonies. The group’s name means and speaks of their stance on Celtic music. This group is all about making and singing fun songs that are beautifully to hear and feel.

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About Craicmore

The group started their music career in 1992 when Nancy Johnston was joined by John MacAdams on the vocals/guitar/percussion/didj, Sean FayeCullen on the bass/vocals and Dave Champagne on the flutes/whistles/pipes). They chanced to come together a couple of times at the Monday night seisiún at the Los Angeles' Celtic Arts Center's legendary. They got together occasionally to share their mutual interests and inclination. Once they decided they had common grounds, they committed to form a group. When the group started off, they performed at small scale events like street fairs and other public venues. They gradually moved up started performing in Folk Festivals. With time the group got critical and public acclaim for albums O’ (1999) and Too Bad for Heaven, Too Good for Hell (2002).
From the Fremont Street Experience at St. Patrick's Day in Vegas to the International Music Festival in China, the band has come a long way. Hits like "Cunla", “Mairi's Wedding", "Cliffs of Moher", "Sally Gardens” and many more have cemented their name as a heavy weight of the genre. The group has always created and played music to revive tradition. Their music has been so rich and rewarding that it has been supporting tradition also.
Celtic Connections is residency initiative started by the group that allows educators and students to become a part of community level Celtic Music interactive programs. They have allowed Celtic music to become a” living tradition” in the US. It will continues to add colors of other music traditions to itself. More importantly it will give its warmth and sophistication to other.
The band’s signature style and music has a great appeal; their studio and live performances have enthralled audiences time and again. The group’s fans are their biggest supporters. More and more fans join in to follow them on their latest released and tours. The group has a very high demand and a large following when they are on tour. No wonder they have aggressively toured the Western part of the US for the past decade. They have also become a celebrated act in Europe especially in Ireland and Scotland. They have gone as far as China and have proven themselves as an international act. CRAICMORE tickets offer you to see them perform upfront. Care to join in?
The group  is headed by Nancy Johnston on the vocals, bodhran drums and hard shoe. Johnston is a critically acclaimed artist. She became popular for her very deep and rich vocals. Her autograph is her contralto voice. It is simply unique and a very rare one in the genre. Johnston supports every song by singing to the rhythm and bass guitars. She plays a number of percussion with the Bohdran drum and conga being the dominating ones. Her voice beautifully compliments the high-spirited flutes, bagpipes and whistles.
Nancy’s trademark live performances are outstanding. They are complimented by a brilliant mix of four things; Didjeridoo, hardshoe dancing, a four part harmony and a Shruti Box (East Indian). All these things have made their performances exciting and music quiet fiery. The group has kept up its ultra-warm outlook and remains passionate about its music.
CRAICMORE is a group that is all about tradition and experiment in Celtic music. The group and their music is evergreen and ever evolving giving a new face to itself every time. To have a flavor of the group’s live jig and reel and four part harmony, look out for cheap CARICMORE tickets. With these special offerings you can enjoy great discount rates and deals. So don't wait, get hold of the deal you want today and get the chance to experience the real excitement and fun!

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