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Hailing from Venezuela, the contemporary music duo Chino y Nacho has managed to amaze masses within a short span. The group has produced captivating music that has won millions of hearts all around the world. The band consists of “Alberto Miranda Perez” (Chino) and “Miguel Ignacio Mendoza” (Nacho). The two were a part of popular Venezuelan boy band “Calle Ciega.” After the band disbanded, Chino and Nacho formed a duo to promote their spellbinding music. After working with various bands and renowned artists, Chino y Nacho managed to amalgamate years of experience with various genres and sounds to form unique music for their fans. Their performances allure masses at every event. The cheap Chino y Nacho tickets allow fans to witness the duo perform live. The group has won numerous awards and praises over the years for its amazing music. The group managed to bag a Latin Grammy Award in 2010 for the “Best Urban Music Album”. Witnessing the duo perform live is a marvelous experience for the fans. By grabbing Chino Y Nacho tickets, the audience can make sure to hop on a vibrant musical journey.

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About Chino Y Nacho

Before parting ways with the renowned boy band Calle Ciega, Chino and Nacho produced several hit music numbers along the rest of the band members. The band consisted of Emilio, Kent, and Luifer apart from Chino and Nacho. The boy band was formed in 1998 and they released their debut album “No Pares de Sudar” (Do not Stop Sweating) in 1999. Since then the band has released seven chart-breaking albums along with five smash hit singles. Their albums included “Caliente” (Heat) 2000, “Grandes Exitos” (Greatest Hits) 2001, “Segiumos Bailando” (We Dancing) 2002, “Le Carcajada” (the Carcajada) 2004, “Una Vez Mas” (Once More) 2006 and “Mas Caliente” (More Hot) 2007. Their debut single “Mi Cachorrita” peaked at number one position on Venezuelan charts and remained there for twenty three weeks. The single also remained in Top 20 on Record Report charts for over thirty five weeks. The band performed all over the country as well as at international destinations including Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. In 2007, Chino and Nacho decided to form their own group. Since then Chino and Nacho have gained immense success and fame. The duo continues to mesmerize fans with their hit music and electrifying live acts. The cheap Chino Y Nacho tickets are a great catch for the fans to experience their favorite two-piece in action. The Chino y Nacho tickets can be acquired by audience to witness one of the most exciting contemporary reggae acts.
Jesus Alberto Miranda Perez (Chino) was born in Caracas in 1984. His partner Miguel Ignacio Mendoza (Nacho) was born in 1983. Both the artists had worked with several groups and bands before forming the duo. The two musicians were a part of Calle Ciega as well as Venezuelan reality TV show “Generation S.” Chino has also worked with the group “Scala 1”. The pair considers their upbringing and family values as a core part of their musical influences. The group instills feelings, emotions and family values in their music that touches the hearts of their listeners. Both the artists have matured over the years and today their collaboration manages to inspire masses. Their name has become synonymous with maturity, versatility, determination, dedication, struggle and success. Their fans try to catch the artists at their every performance by acquiring cheap Chino y Nacho tickets. The duo continues to be the epitome of hard work and success; willing to travel the corner of the world to promote their music. Their ability to merge diverse melodies and rhythms with exceptional and poignant lyrics has set them apart from their contemporaries. The Chino y Nacho tickets can allow audience to listen to the heartfelt and romantic music live.
Chino y Nacho has transcended all barriers to accomplish great success. They have released four studio albums along with several hit singles. Their chart breaking albums include “Epoca de Reyes” (Age of Kings) 2008, “Mi Nina Bonita” (My Pretty Girl) 2010, “Min Nina Bonita: Reloaded” (My Pretty Girl: Reloaded) 2010 and “Supreme” 2011. The group is highly renowned for their captivating and energetic live performance that sways the crowd into ecstasy. By grabbing Chino y Nacho tickets, the audience can indulge in a spectacular musical journey.

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