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Ana Moura is a Portuguese singer who took the Fado music world by storm as she made her debut with Guarda Me a Vida Na Mao in 2003. She received the Best Performance Amalia prize in 2008 and is the youngest fadista to be nominated for the Dutch Edison Award. Her other albums include Acontecue, Para lem da Saudade, Coliseu, Leva-me aos Fados and Desfado. Having a unique voice range, Ana has the ability to adapt to and play with different music genres. If you want to enjoy the beautiful fusion of traditional and pop music with a Portuguese Fado touch, then Ana Moura tickets is the answer for you.

About Ana Moura Tickets

Ana Moura was born in 1979 in Ribatejo, the district capital of Santarem. She grew up in a family where music was a form celebration for various occasions. The family sang all kinds of music from Fausto, Ruy Mingas, Jose Afonso to Angolian as well as Fado. The singer however believed that she had a knack and love for Fado. She composed her first Fado song ‘Dapple Horse’ at the tender age of six. During her teens, she began to explore other genres of the contemporary age.
At fourteen years of age, Ana Moura enrolled into the Academy of Music Amateurs where she formed a band with her schoolmates. Her versatile voice caught the attention of many musicians and singers. She was able to bring in a Fado tone even while performing with rock bands. She had the opportunity to perform with a number of bands such as the Sexto Sentido. Moura also frequently performed at a bar where she had the freedom to experiment and sing Fado to her greatest abilities. Here she was approached by guitarist Antonio Parreira who introduced her to various Fado houses. Ana also got a chance to meet Maria da Fe, the co-owner of Fado house Senhor Vindo. Impressed by the singer’s raw talent, she encouraged her to perform at her Fado house.
While performing at Senhor Vindo and other Fado houses, Ana matured immensely in her singing. The opportunities she got with time enabled her to polish her naturally gifted skills. The now rather experienced fadista was noticed by a lot of critics and journalists including Miguel Esteves Cardoso. Miguel recognized Ana through Fados de Portugal, a TV show that the singer had featured in. His reviews added to the artist’s popularity following which Toze Brito, Universal’s general manager decided to visit Senhor Vindo to witness the singing by Ana Moura live. It was at this point that Toze invited Ana to record her debut album.
Musician Jorge Fernando was approached to produce the debut album of Ana Moura. The two collaborated to produce many other albums by the artist. Ana’s wide range voice quality made a mark for itself and featured musicians like Pedro Joia and Ciganos d’Ouro and singing to instruments like cajon and Falmenso guitar. In order to explore and showcase her singing talent on an international level, she left Sentor Vinho and joined another Fado house by the name of Casa de Linhares-Bacalhau de Molho. Her singing and performances were well received by the international audiences which eventually led her to perform live at the Carnegie Hall in New York in the year 2005.
At the time, the Rolling Stone sax player Tim Ries was looking for Fado albums. He wanted to include a Fado singer in the upcoming album of rolling stones. The concept was to create an album that is a fusion of different genres and different musicians playing to the band’s themes along with him. Ana sang two numbers for the project namely ‘No Expectations’ and ‘Brown Sugar’. She later went on to perform live with the rock band at various occasions and tours. At one instance, Ries approached Ana to lend her voice to one of his compositions. Ana sang the song and incorporated it into her album Para Alem da Saudade after an added Fado touch by Jorge Fernando.
No matter where she performs, Ana Moura tickets are always in high demand. Her tours continue to enchant the audiences be it in Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain or the US. Cheap Ana Moura tickets provide you a golden opportunity to witness the star who can bring the most intense emotions come alive with her heart touching voice.