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The music extravaganza is about to begin as the V Festival is just around the corner!


A yearly music festival, V Festival is celebrated in the second last weekend of August. Two parks, South Staffordshire’s Weston Park and Chelmsford’s Hylands Park are decorated for the event. Two groups of artists are formed. On the first day, that is, Saturday, one group performs at one park and the other performs in the second. Then on Sunday, the artists swap parks. Essentially, the festival revolves around rock music but now a lot of other genres are accepted, particularly, pop music which has become more common in the last few years.  

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V Festival

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Electric Daisy Carnival - 3 Day Pass Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas Friday
5/18/2018 3:30 AM
Electric Daisy Carnival - Friday Pass Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas Friday
5/18/2018 7:00 PM
Electric Daisy Carnival - Saturday Pass Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas Saturday
5/19/2018 7:00 PM
Electric Daisy Carnival - Sunday Pass Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas Sunday
5/20/2018 7:00 PM

About V Festival

The concept of the V Festival emerged in 1996. It was given by Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker who said that he wanted to perform at two outdoor venues in to consecutive days. His promoters arranged such a gig but one of the initial venues was Victoria Park in Warrington instead of Weston Park. This gave a chance to both the North end fans and the South end fans a chance to enjoy his music. It was a success. The promoters then decided to add more bands, set up more stages and allow people to camp in the area for the weekend. Victoria Park was too small for materialization of such as idea. The festival moved to Temple Newsam in Leeds and later in 1999 to Weston Park which then became its permanent fixture.

 The festival is named V Festival because of its sponsors. The letter "V" denotes the Virgin Group as its Virgin Media is the main sponsor of the event. Initially V Festival was named after the year in which it was held, for example, V96, V97 and so on. However, this trend changed in 2003 when it was simply titled the V Festival. From the word go, the festival has garnered a huge loyal viewership. Its format and organization have always been a big hit. The festival sold out in no time in 2006. V97 was the first one to be managed through Virgen.net. All the festivals are aired on Channel 4 and 4 Music.

More importantly, its popularity can be attributed to the groups which have performed at the V Festival. From Lady Gaga to Mel C, Dido, N.E.R.D. to Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, El Presidente to Tony Christie, McFly and Girls Aloud, all have performed at this music fiesta at one time or the other. Some like the Kaiser Chiefs have performed more than once, in 2003 and 2008. This year the festival is going to grow bigger as hotter stars are going to become a part of it. These include Rihanna, Eminem, Arctic Monkeys and Plan B. Other hot acts include Bruno Mars, Razorlight, Clare McGuire, Chase and Status and Ellie Goulding. Kaiser Chiefs will once again feature in it.

Considering its past record, this year’s V Festival is bound to be a success. Though audiences have criticized the event for being more commercial in nature than the other music festivals in Britain, its popularity remains high as there are low queue lines and the whole event is very systematically organized. Audiences get their money’s worth when they see a variety of stars in two days in a row. Thus V Festival tickets  are coveted by millions of people as they promise absolute entertainment for two days!

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