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 The Sing-Off is a singing show which features a cappella groups. The show follows a reality competition format and is aired on the NBC network. The show is hosted by Nick Lachey while the judges panel has included names such as Nicole Scherzinger, Sara Bareilles, Jewel, Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman. Lachey is known from his time with the boy band 98 degrees while Stockman claim to fame is being members of Boys II Men, a R n B group that specialized in vocal harmonies. Most of the show’s staff consist of people who belong to the a cappella circle. So far, the show has been on the air for 4 seasons, and each year has resonated quite well with the public.

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The Sing-Off has managed to produce many famous names, but by far the breakout star has been the 5 part group, Pentatonix. After winning the show in 2011, the group became rather active on social media websites, especially YouTube. There, they would post videos of performances of various popular songs. Their cover of the Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis song, “Thrift Shop” received rave reviews. But their most famous video to date has been “Evolution of Music” in which they performed a mash up of popular songs from the 14th century, progressing onto the 21st century. This video went viral and the group tried and managed to replicate similar success with their follow up video, “Evolution of Beyonce” in which they most songs that defined the pop singer’s career. Most recently, they did a mash up of the songs from the Disney animated feature “Frozen”. Moreover, their first EP managed to chart at number 14 on Billboard, while the second cracked the top 10. Because of Sing-Off, they are soon headed onto a worldwide concert tour of their own.  If you get The Sing Off Live tickets, you can catch Pentatonix as they make a special appearance on this season’s tour.


Nicole Scherzinger served as a judge on the show till 2011. The pop star is perhaps most known as the lead singer of the girl band “The Pussycat Dolls”. She broke out as a solo artist and remains to this date the most successful member to have come out of the group. What made her the perfect person to be on the judging panel of the Sing-Off are her abilities as a talent scout. Similar pop competitions around the world have sought her out. She has appeared as judge on both the US and the UK version of “The X Factor” where she has mentored and trained up and coming artists. While she was a judge on the UK X Factor, two out of three of her acts went on to become the runner up and winner of the show. Her wide vocal range has helped her both guide new talent and recognize it as well. Moreover, because she has been part of a vocal group herself, she was a competent addition to the Sing-Off judging team.


Singer-songwriter Sarah Bareilles took on Scherzinger’s job when she left. This 5 time Grammy Award nominee has been playing music since 2002 but emerged onto the scene in 2007 with her tune “Love Song”. She is competent at playing the guitar as well as the piano, and this has given her great musicality. This is why she was a suitable addition to the Sing-Off panel. With an ear for the right tune, scale and key, Bareilles could pick out exactly where a group was going wrong and give advice on what direction they needed to go instead.


Now that Bareilles too has left, the Sing-Off has Jewel on the judge’s seat. This folk and country singer first became popular in the 1990s and since then has managed to sell 27 million records. Her debut “Piece of You” was widely successful. It is in fact considered one of the most successful first albums of all time. She is suitable to appear on the show because of her vocal range and her ability to hit lyric soprano. She is also a talented songwriter and thus has incredible musicality as well.


If you are a fan of the show, then get The Sing Off Live tickets. This is a concert that would feature the competing vocal groups of the current season, including the winners, Home Free, and other groups such as Vocal Rush and Ten as well.  You will be able to see live the standout performances of the season as well as get a chance to meet your favorite contests at the meet and greet.


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