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Gathering thousands of college students from all across the country, Blackout Parties presents a new breed of wild rave. The event features dance blowouts, plentiful booze, binge drinking and flamboyant neon lights. Dress up in white and neon colors and prepare to dance under the balloons and bubbles illuminated under black lights (as the name Blackout suggests). But for that you ought to have Barstool Blackout Tour tickets first! So gather your school friends, college friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and even friends of friends to go crazy and enjoy the event to the fullest. Look out for the event, as it is soon going to take place at a venue near you.  

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About The Barstool Blackout Tour


The Blackout Party event is presented by a popular sports website called Barstool Sports. The tour is called as the "World's Biggest Blacklight Party". The blog website features sports and lifestyle articles pertaining to men. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Barstool Sports was found by David Portnoy. Initially it was established as a print publication and was distributed in Boston Massachusetts. The publication included fantasy sports projections and gambling advertisements primarily, but then it expanded to encompass other topics as well.  The topics of the website were referred to as "sport/smut” by Portnoy. Attracting quite a lot of traffic, Barstool, along with its affiliated sites, produces five million unique page views on a monthly basis.


The “World's Biggest Blacklight Party” features talented DJs, a truckload of vibrant lasers and glowing bright lights. Partygoers usually prefer to wear white t-shirts and let the black light do the rest of it. On arrival, attendees are equipped with glowing sticks that are worn as belts, necklaces and headbands. Julia Wejchert describes the Blackout party event in her article on The Vermont Cynic. The event features the usual line up of DJs who perform at all of the Barstool Blackout shows. The performers include DJ Jackels, DJ Dante the Don, DJ Ordan and DJs Cake Effect. Balconies at the venue enable partygoers to enjoy the event even from afar. But no matter how much you enjoy the show from afar, the dance floor always steals the show.


Partygoers crash the dance floor and groove to electronic dance music mixes for hours. The flashing lights from the stage sets them in the mood to enjoy the party to the fullest.  From the time the show starts till it ends, the event is full of high energy people dancing to the upbeat, fast music. Sound and music at the party features a blend of electronic beats with mixed cuts from renowned tracks such as Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness" and LMFAO’s tracks "Shots" and "Sexy and I Know It". Classic tracks such as Nirvana’s "Smells Like Teen Spirit" also make it to the repertoire of songs being played.


After spectacular performances by the DJs and the magnificent light show, the long night of crazy fun ends with a combination of bright lights, fog and confetti. Bubbles, smoke and balloons are released and the enthusiastic crowd puts up their hands in the air to toss balloons and pop the bubbles. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this fun event? Grab your Barstool Blackout Tour tickets and go crazy with your friends at the World's Biggest Blacklight Party. Keep an eye out for one happening soon in your hometown.


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