Take Action Tour Silverstein and Bayside Tickets

Two of the most popular rock bands of the world are now ready to join forces in the upcoming Take Action Tour. We are talking about none other than Silverstein and Bayside! Both groups will be performing together in this exciting event, and this is sure to be a concert to remember! The thrill of live music is something that can not be felt unless one goes through the experience, so make sure you get yourself to this much-anticipated live concert. We have the best tickets to this incredible event with us right here, so grab yours and get going!

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About Take Action Tour Silverstein and Bayside

Silverstein was created in the year 2000 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The band is made up of Shane Told on the lead vocals and guitars, Billy Hamilton on the backing vocals and bass guitar, Josh Bradford and Neil Boshart on the guitars and Paul Koehler on the drums. The name of the group is based on Shel Silverstein, who was a popular author of children's books. The band members had all been huge fans of the writer, and read his stories as kids, gaining inspiration and knowledge. The band's style of music revolves around the genres emo, hard rock and screamo. They have so far released four albums over the course of their eleven year career. Their first album was released in the year 2000, and was named Summer's Stellar's Gaze. This album gained a considerable amount of success for a debut album. Their sophomore album was named When Broken Is Easily Fixed, and this was released on 20th May, 2003 with a recording company called Victory Records. The record became a huge success, selling more than 200,000 records and gaining them a large amount of fan following all over the country. Currently the group is signed with recording labels named Universal Music and Hopeless Records, and their upcoming album, Rescue is due for release this year.
Silverstein are now all set to go on tour with another one of your favorite bands, Bayside. Bayside was also established in the year 2000, in Queens, New York, United States. The band's line-up includes Chris Guglielmo on the drums, Nick Ghanbarian on the bass guitar, Jack O' Shea on the lead guitars and Anthony Raneri on the lead vocals and rhythm guitars. The group has five studio albums to their credit so far, all of which have been released with Victory Records. Their style of music is usually alternative rock and punk rock. Bayside released their debut album in the year 2001. It was titled Long Stories Short EP, and it went on to become quite popular with the audience. Their second album was released in the year 2003. It was named Bayside/Name Taken. Their first full length album was released on the 27th of January, 2004 and was called Sirens and Condolences. Among the most popular songs of the album, is the single Masterpiece. It went on to become a huge success with the audience.
The band followed Sirens and Condolences with another album. This was released on the 1st of September, 2005 and was titled Bayside. This also became popular with the audience and the band gained a huge amount of fan following all over the United States. The group then released another album on the 30th of September, 2008. It was called Shudder. Fans and critics loved the album. The band also released a live album by the name of Live at the Bayside Social Club, which also achieved a large amount of success. The group has released the videos of several of their songs such as Masterpiece, Devotion and Desire, Duality, Carry On, DVD Documentary, Loveless Wrists, No One Understands, and Sick, Sick, Sick. The band has fan pages on popular websites such as MySpace as well as Facebook and Twitter, and their songs are listened in all parts of the world.
Now these two extremely talented bands are ready to come together to give a concert full of double the fun, entertainment and excitement. This is sure to be a highly exciting event, so don't be late in booking your Silverstein And Bayside Tickets from us right now and prepare for an incredible night!

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