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It is not often that one comes across a band that is a top concert draw throughout the nation, but has received limited commercial success or airplay. Yet such is the nature of Phish, the American rock band that has become distinct because of its crafty onstage improvisations that have helped it build a cult following. Phish’s interactive musical style is amazing, with jams spreading to hours on end & romping across different genre domains. With 8 million album sales that belie the rousing popularity of the band, it has outgrown “The Grateful Dead impersonators” tag & forged an identity of its own. Starting from 1996, the serial rockers have held festivals in the summers, & the ninth edition will get the ball rolling in July. Super Ball IX Phish tickets are selling like hot cakes for the much-anticipated event.

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Four students at the University of Vermont decided to start Phish, following a preliminary gig at the Halloween dance in 1983. Trey Anastasio, Jeff Holdsworth (both guitars), Mike Gordon (bass) & Jon Fishman (drums) came together to promote themselves as a Grateful Dead cover band. Phish was reinforced by the recruitment of keyboardist Page McConnell. Phish was trimmed down to its current dynamic lineup when Holdsworth left after graduation. The first 1987 studio recordings were circulated in a cassette that later became The White Tape. After relocating to Goddard College in Fairfield, Vermont, the band built the basis of their success with endless jam sessions, crossing paths of different genres. Anastasio, whose explosive guitar-work would later see him named the 73rd greatest guitarist of all time, handed in The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday as his senior study, a masterpiece that eventually became a collector’s item. 1989 brought Phish’s first open concert at the Paradise Club in Boston, a year after their debut mass release Junta. The sellout crowd’s enthusiasm was a sign of things to come. With constant touring & performances in various festivals around America over the next few years, the band cemented their fan base. This was augmented by release of albums & re-release of Phish’s old work in the mid-90s, making them more accessible to the general public. Farmhouse, one of their biggest releases to date, was also their last, as a hectic touring schedule saw the band member’s estranged from their families. Amid an emotional farewell, Phish split in 2004. Although the band members went separate ways, yet the continued re-release of old Phish material kept hopes of a reunion afloat, a wish granted with three concerts in Hampton in March 2009. The band headlined Bonnaroo festival 2009 & is working on new material. Phish’s musical style encompasses jazz, classical, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, blues, country, & even lighter shades of reggae & funk.
Phish became famous through the limited sale of cassettes at their live shows earlier on. “Run Like an Antelope” & “You Enjoy Myself” became big hits from the re-released The White Tape. Junta & A Live One were Phish’s only albums that went platinum; most of the remaining including The Lawn Boy¸ Hoist, Slip Stitch & Pass & Farmhouse reached gold status. This reflected the trend whereby the band’s commercial success only began to lift off slightly in the late 90s, with their foundation built purely on their exhilarating live performances. A grand total of 14 studio albums, seven traditional live albums, & 27 complete concerts (called Live Phish) have been released by the band. “Free”, from 1996’s Billy Breathes, is the most successful chart-based number of the band.
Since the very beginning, breathtaking live shows are the staple diet that fans have grown used to. And nothing has captured them like the summer festivals since 1996. The band has amassed an impressive following simply through word of the mouth. Tactics like “The Rotation Jam” (each member switched instruments with the musician on his left), “The Big Ball Jam” (each member plays a note each time a beach ball thrown into the crowd is hit) & synchronized guitar-work with trampoline performances have left audiences in awe. Super Ball IX Phish tickets will transport fans to a parallel rock universe at Watkins Glen International in the first week of July.
Amid an invasion of synthetic techno gadgets, it is indeed refreshing to find a successful band so wholly dependent on the unmatched thrill of fans taken for an electrifying ride. Ardent fans of authentic no-holds barred live entertainment are scampering for their Super Ball IX Phish tickets as the buildup gains momentum.
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