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 Wiz Khalifa Sunfest showcases a brilliant R&B performing artist who came and conquered. Inspired by the nomadic lifestyle, he found solace in writing lyrics of songs. Jay-Z, Camron and Notorious B.I.G influenced his strong vocal and witty combination of words greatly. As a result he surfaced with time as an R&B artist that became one of the most revered stars of the time. Winning critical acclaim his young charismatic M.C. persona teamed very well with his signature hip-hop twists. No wonder Wiz Khalifa attained the superstar status in hometown Pittsburgh very quick. With a handful of albums on his portfolio, he was all praise therein.

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About Sunfest Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s participation in the rap game became even more successful when he hit mainstream music. His contemporaries find it hard to believe the magnitude of success and fame enjoyed by him can be accredited to his natural flair for music and R&B. However, Wiz identifies a very strong bonding between his words and songs. He claims that his lyrics are the purest form of the insightful mind he has. His songs manifest his creative genius and sensitive side vividly; hence, Wiz Khalifa stands where he is today and is sure to go places.
Wiz Khalifa tickets take you to experience his live side, that has enthralled audiences nation wide. Wiz Khalifa Sunfest tickets invite you a memorable night at the West Palm Beach Waterfront.  Wiz Kahlifa Sunfest tickets are selling as a part of the thirty years celebration of Sunfest. Hence Wiz Khalifa tickets are selling fast. Attain them before they are gone.

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