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Summer Slaughter tour came into picture in 2007 when Ash Avildsen founded this death-metal tour. The initial success led to a tour in different parts of the world. Summer Slaughter takes place during the summers each year and features many rocking metal bands. The line-up of the performers is different each year and it is announced a few weeks before the event takes place. It fills the summers with ultimate fun, for the rock and metal music lovers.

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About Summer Slaughter

Summer Slaughter takes place during the early/mid summers, between June and August. It is stretched over a number of days, which can be a few weeks or even more than a month. The number of bands that participate in the festival also vary each year. The year 2007 featured ten bands, with one headliner and took place at a single location. The very next year, the count increased almost three times and it was seen in Canada as well as Europe, other than America. On each location, a different line-up was seen. In the year 2009, it toured Australia and New Zealand apart from its original location America. The German death-metal band from the nineties, Necrophagist was the headliner along with an American band Suffocation.

‘The Most Extreme Tour of the Year’ as recognized by the fans as well as the critics, featured more than 20 bands in 2010, in different cities of America. The Poland based death-metal band ‘Decapitated’ was the headliner. This year’s tour will take place across various parts of America. The tour will take place in various vibrant cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Cleveland, Toronto, Washington, Montreal, Atlanta, Chicago and last but not the least New York. The tour is planned to stretch for almost a month but due to its popularity the schedule is often extended.
The 2011 Summer Slaughter tour is going to feature twelve bands, which share a similar genre. The headliner band is ‘The Black Dahlia Murder’, the 5 member death-metal band which originated in Michigan in 2001. Sharing the stage and the spotlight will be ‘Whitechapel’, a newly emerged band from Tennessee, America that consists of six talented band members. The other supporting bands which are featured in the 2011 tour include Darkest Hour, Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, The Faceless, Oceano, As Blood Runs Black, Powerglove, Kalakai, Within the Ruins and Fleshgroup.  

Summer Slaughter has become the biggest growing metal tours in the world. It is the most exhilarating and rocking music festival which exalts many emerging rock and metal groups, as well as the top rated bands. Being one of the most famous music festivals in America, its popularity across the globe led to the tours in many cities and countries. The extreme metal bands look forward to be a part of this festival, as they can get a chance to entertain their fans at the best venues. Summer Slaughter is a platform for the upcoming bands to unveil their talent in front of thousands of people and become popular. The concerts take place at the most excellent venues in the respective cities.

Summer Slaughter, the most amazing death-metal music tour includes the bands from all over the world and not just America. It is a travelling show that caters to millions of people around the world. The initial success of this festival, the continuously positive feedback and the high demand has made it one of the most sought after events. The tour rocks different venues, preferably those that can accommodate large audiences so that all heavy metal/death-metal fans can be present. If you are also a metal/ rock music fan, then attending this summer music festival is highly recommended for you. You will surely be amazed at the level of music which you will get to listen live at the festival. Get yourself the Summer Slaughter Tickets as soon as possible and have an electrifying time.

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