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Celebrating rock music in style, the South Texas Rock Festival will once again sway the North American audience by delivering power packed live performances and shows. The popular music festival has quickly acquired a reputation for being one of the must-go events of the year, where cherished rock musicians, artists and bands come together to spread their magic. The first ever South Texas Rock Fest was held at the "Javelina Harley Davidson Festival Grounds" in 2008. The festival was an instant hit amongst the audience and featured a lineup of high profile rock bands including Skid Row, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tesla, Axe, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango, Dokken, Queensryche, Fire House, Mad Margritt, Helix, Zero Hour, The Godz, Ozz Knozz, Jokester, Stephen Pearcy, LA Guns, UFO, Bullet Boys, Snake Skin Prison and Y&T amongst others. Since then, the rock festival has become a highly anticipated musical event every year, alluring thousands of music fans from across the world. This year, the Rock Fest will be held at the Sunken Gardens also known as the Japanese Tea Garden, located in San Antonio, Texas. The fans can become a part of this exciting musical journey by acquiring the South Texas Rock Fest tickets to experience a memorable evening with friends and family.

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About South Texas Rock Fest

The Japanese Tea Gardens will offer the perfect environment for the crowd to enjoy the rock music festival. Built in 1942, the ancient marvel has been a place of interest for numerous tourists and adventurers. The Texas based landmark, is considered one of the most beautiful historic places in the country. Also known as, the "Chinese Tea Gardens", the venue has been inducted into the "National Register of Historic Places" of the United States. Designed by famous architect Dionicio Rodriguez, the historic wonder houses more than eight hundred permanent seats. The option to add portable chairs expands the seating capacity to almost three thousand. On the other hand, the amphitheatre can easily house more than six thousand individuals on foot. Initially the Gardens were ignored for several years by the government and therefore fell prey to vandalism and street art. However, during 2000s, the government started renovating the venue and restored it to its past glory. Today, the Sunken Gardens have become a cultural landmark of Texas. The South Texas Rock Fest will allow the audiences to witness an exhilarating musical night at the beautiful Gardens that will add the extra oomph to the live performances.
The 2012 installment of the Rock Fest is expected to feature another exciting lineup of rock musicians including Uncle Wanker, Ratt, Michael Schenker, Dokken, Accept and Queensryche. The fans are eagerly waiting to catch the Queensryche live in action. The band will be headlining at the music festival. Formed in 1981, Queensryche has dominated the rock music scene through their chart breaking music albums and live tours. The band has enthralled millions of fans globally. They have produced more than eleven albums, selling over twenty million records around the world. Queensryche has managed to sell over six million records in the US alone. Apart from Queensryche, another American band Dokken is expected to blow the audience's mind at the festival. Established in 1976, Dokken has garnered worldwide success for their critically praised music. The group has sold over ten million units globally and has received numerous honors and accolades including Grammy nominations. International artists such as the German band Accept will also embrace the Rock Fest stages. The roots of this heavy metal band can be traced back to the sixties. The band has been a major contributor to the rock music during the eighties. Accept continues its inspiring journey even though the band has gone through several lineup changes over the years. Accept has sold more than twenty five million records globally. Cheap South Texas Rock Fest tickets can be acquired to witness these rock bands perform live on stage.
The South Texas music festival is renowned for providing quality entertainment to the audiences and attendees. The music festival has evolved over the years into the country's finest rock music platforms. The festival will offer an exciting mix of grand stages, advance lightings, quality sound and amazing lineup to deliver yet another musical wonder.

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