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Rumba Fest is a celebration of music as a performing art and especially contemporary Latino music. Latin Music has evolved into an integral part of mainstream music. It not only caters to ethnical music inclinations of audiences but is also very appealing to any music lover. Music fans seeking hi-octane dose of dance, song and music are hooked to Latin Music. Rumba Fest is one platform that allows performing artists as well as die hard fans of the genre to come together. This meeting point has proved mutually rewarding for both artists and fans. Artist stage and audiences enjoy on this fiesta singing out rumba, samba and bosa nova like never before. Artists ensure presenting their best live tracks and fans complement it with their indulgent response.

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About Rumba Fest

Music fans and critics call Rumba Fest an opportunity to see the finest of Latin music and talent perform, live. The headlining performers for the Rumba Fest this year include names like Olga Tañon, Silvestre Dangond, Plan B, Alexis Fido, Jose Alberto, Cano Estremera, and Tito Rojas. Trust us, you would not want to miss this stupendous line-up for anything.  Rumba Fest 2017 tickets are available for sale. Avail cheap Rumba Fest tickets at the earliest to confirm your seat at Silver Spurs Arena.

A carnival featuring a variety of musical rhythms all at one place, yes it’s the Rumba Fest.  It’s an event that welcomes you all to enjoy your taste of music and have an ultimate entertaining experience.  This one of its kind festival has a long history of creating its magic at different venues every year. This time it’s celebrating its sixth anniversary at Osceola Heritage Park, Florida.

Rumba Fest is amongst the most awaited events of the year. Having known to feature renowned artists of the music industry, this time the lineup includes Don Omar, Victor Manuelle, Tito El Bambino, Prince Royce, Xtreme and Grupo Mania.  All these artists are among the leading musicians of the present era and known to make the crowds go crazy with their brilliant performances. This year the festival will follow the theme of Latin Music, allowing the audience to dance on groovy numbers. 

Don Omar, a Puerto Rican singer widely known for his song ‘King of the Kings’ is a Grammy Award nominee and is considered among the most successful artists in the history of Reggaeton and Latin Music. Being appreciated by masses, he has a selling statistic of 10,000,000 copies to date. The next in the lineup is Victor Manuelle, widely known as an improvisational sonero. The artist is deemed to be amongst the best musicians for salsa music. Experimenting with different styles ranging from Colombian vallenato to urban reggaeton, he offers variety in his music which differentiates him from the other musicians playing to the same genre of music.

While the festival features experienced artists of the industry, it also gives an opportunity to the new comers for displaying their talent. Prince Royce is a new addition to the genre of R&B and Latin pop music. Being a part of the festival lineup, he will perform his recent hit single ‘Stand by Me’ accompanied by his other album singles and cover songs. Other musicians including Xtreme, Grupo Mania and Tito el Bambino are major contributors for Latin music and are known for their own unique musical style. All these artists’ together, featuring different musical styles would surely rock the floor of Rumba Fest 2013.

It’s not only the artists that make the event happening, the venue has an equal share in making it successful. This year, the venue chosen for Rumba Fest 2015 is Osceola Heritage Park. Spread on an area of 120 acres, the complex has a capacity to accommodate approximately 15,000 people. It has been and still is the most preferred option for all the major entertainment events of the city. Being close to Walt Disney World, it is very conveniently located, just a mile away from Florida’s Turn Pike. The venue to date has hosted a variety of events including musical concerts of renowned artists such as Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Pearl Jam and the likes. Apart from this it also conducts family shows and sports events.

People of Florida, the preparations for the festival are complete! The artist lineup is finalized and the venue is chosen. One of the happening events of the year is just around the corner! It’s time to take a break from your daily monotonous routine and have some fun. The tickets of this spectacular show are already on sale! So guys hurry and grab your Rumba Fest Tickets before they are all sold out!

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