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Rock the Bells is an opportunity for music buffs to have two days’ worth of entertainment in the form of some of the best hip-hop music from a huge variety of artists, both new and old. Not only is it full of wonderful music but it also avails fans the chance to be in an environment where they get together with other fans and enjoy the whole atmosphere where one hip hop treat after another follows. The biggest event that gathers a sizeable number of acts from around the country, the Rock The Bells - 2 Day Pass festival is a must see  event.

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About Rock The Bells 2 Day Pass

Rock the Bells has been an annual summer festival since it started in the year 2004. It was originally hosted only in Southern California but has expanded to include a number of locations in the States. The event has toured the country extensively over the years and has even gone international! At the first festival Wu-Tang Clan which according to “” is the all-time, number one hip-hop group, re-united to perform. A documentary having the same title as the festival itself traces how the band came together to perform at the premier Rock the Bells festival and also covers the debut of this event in substantial depth. Catch the best and the brightest stars performing live alongside gifted budding talent of hip-hop with your lot of Rock the Bells - 2 Day Pass tickets.
Every year high profile artists belonging to the realm of alternative hip-hop take the stage at the event. A mix of mainstream headliners as well as new artists is featured throughout the event. In a multiple stage setting these acts, new and old perform individually while some very wonderful collaborative performances are also created on stage. Rock the Bells is the initiative the Guerilla Union and takes place somewhere from mid to late summers. Guerilla Union was founded in 2000 and since then it has emerged as one of the leading names in lifestyle brands in America. It functions in and promotes a wide range of sectors including music, media, fashion and events. Their motto is to provide and create such platforms that are experimental and unique in terms of format and content that serve the artists and various communities associated with them. The cheap Rock the Bells - 2 Day Pass tickets will sell out fast as each year followers of this mega event multiply manifold.
2008 saw the event go global, when it travelled to Europe and as far as Japan. The highlights of this international series include its stopovers at Prague, Amsterdam, Stockholm, London and Paris as well Toronto. As part of the same series the festival returned to sell out show in San Bernardino, CA with over forty five thousand in attendance. Rock the Bells - 2 Day Pass event is an incredible opportunity for the up and coming acts to display their talents and to perform side by side the frontrunners of hip-hop. For fans it provides a great occasion where they get to meet their idols. The official website keeps them updated as to when and how they can rub shoulders with their favorites.
This year a fabulous ensemble of artists has been announced by the organization and just like every year the line-up is first class. Also, this year three locations in the US get to host the festival, one in the east of the country and two on the west coast. Rock the Bells - 2 Day Pass is a must attend event this summer, as the magazines would say it, if you are a hip-hop enthusiast.  It just might prove to be the best concert you have attended and the most profitable as you get to see so many artists on one platform. It gets better every year!

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