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Jazz and rock are a great American contribution to the world of music. The Rock n Blues Fest has by far become the largest rock music festival in Canada and the second largest in North America. As seen in movies, rock n roll influenced fashion, lifestyles, language and attitudes, rather than being just a musical genre. If you want to witness some of the greatest names in the classic rock music performing live, Rock n Blues Fest is just around the corner for you. The show will be featuring five great musicians; Edgar Winter band, the Johnny Winter band, Kim Simmonds, Leslie West, and Rick Derringer. These performers remain true to the classic rock n roll music as it was when it first started from a combination of jazz, country, and African American Blues.

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About Rock N Blues Fest

“I think the blues will always be around”, says Johnny Winter, the sensational blues guitarist.  He will perform as part of the Johnny Winter Band and is the highlight of the Rock n Blues Fest. Johnny’s first solo album ‘The Progressive Blues Experiment’, released in 1968 introduced him to the music world. In the late 70s he teamed up with another legend of the blues, Muddy Waters and worked with him on his three different albums, including Hard Again which was a Grammy winner. Johnny Winter is a name that is still known among one of the top rock/blues guitarists touring at present. Get your Rock n Blues Fest tickets to catch him in live concert.
Edgar Winter, Johnny’s younger brother will be joining him for the Rock n Blues Fest. Edgar has certainly accomplished a sizeable popularity of his own with monster hits such as chart-topping ‘Frankenstein’ and the ‘Free Ride’. Several other artists will come together on stage and perform some classic songs at the upcoming Rock n Blues Fest. Next on the list is Rick Derringer, a rock guitarist who has had a well-known career as a guitarist and a critical band member as well. ‘Rock n Roll’ and ‘Hoochie Koo’ are his songs that continued to rock the radio stations and were also featured in quite a number of movies. The ‘Only Come Out At Night’, was played by Rick Derringer along with Edgar and because of the songs the album All American Boy, became a super hit. But that was not the first time for Derringer to be in spotlight. When Rick was 17, he had a band called ‘The Mccoys’ that produced a number one hit in 1965, called Hang On Sloopy.
Rock n Blues Fest will also be featuring Leslie West; the master guitarist and the founding member of the band ‘Mountains’. He will bring his years of collaborations along with his solo projects to the tour as a celebrated legacy. He has worked with various artists including Todd Rungren, “Weird Al” Yankovic and Alice Cooper. He has also collaborated with the Winter brothers and has been performing with Ringo Starr’s All-star band. Last but not the least Kim Simmonds, another great musician will be performing at the Rock n Blues Fest. Kim was a huge fan of the blues music when he was a teenager and hence started learning guitar by listening to his brother’s records of the same genre. In the mid 60s he started o play professionally in London.
If you are a true rock n roll lover, don’t miss this opportunity to get some cheap Rock n Blues Fest tickets at an unbelievable price. This summer, come see Rock n Blues Fest feature five brilliant musicians. A concert that will leave you ecstatic, make you appreciate the talent and fall in love with rock n roll even if you are not a fan already. So what are you waiting for! All the smart ones have already secured their Rock n Blues Fest tickets. Make sure you get yours fast as well.

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