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Garnering nationwide acclaim since its inception, Riot Fest has become one of the most celebrated musical tours and is all set to woo the audience once again with breathtaking performances and electrifying live music acts. Fascinating millions of fans from around the world, the multi day event has established a loyal fan following over the years. The musical journey not only showcases punk and rock music throughout the tour but also offers alternative rock music to add diversity to the performances. The festival highly focuses on fulfilling the audience's needs and requirements, a trait that has led widespread acclaim and recognition for the event. The friendly and comfortable environment at the musical extravaganza keeps the audience participation high, resulting in a content and satisfied crowd. Making its debut in 2005, the Riot Festival was initially celebrated in Chicago. The festival managed to garner rave reviews for its exciting lineup and ambiance. The event also earned praises from international community especially tourists who were a part of the event. Since then, the festival has become a hit amongst the music fans, resulting in an expansion of the musical event over the years. This season, the audience can become a part of this amazing musical journey by simply acquiring Riot Fest tickets.

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About Riot Fest

Initiated as a one-city music festival, the Riot Festival was conceptualized by an energetic group of individuals. The idea behind the project was to connect people of different backgrounds through the power of sound. After the first event, the festival started to gain widespread recognition and has now become a nationwide phenomenon. The musical event is also notable for starring disbanded musical groups. At the Riot Fest platform, several bands have reunited after a long hiatus, leading to a massive hype and excitement amongst the fans.  Bands such as Articles of Faith, Naked Raygun, WAX and Plow United have all regrouped to perform after a long break at the Riot stages. The 2006 Riot Festival saw numerous high profile disbanded groups reunite including the Bollweevils, Naked Raygun and Blue Meanies. Hailing from Illinois, the American band Blue Meanies primarily focused on producing ska-core music. The band was formed in 1989 and entered the Carbondale music circuit with the release of their debut single "Grandma Shampoo", released in 1991. The band released their debut studio album "Peace Love Groove" during the same year. Since then the group has released six studio albums including "The Post Wave" (2000), "Sonic Documentation of Exhibition and Banter Live" (1999), "Pigs EP" (1999), "Full Throttle" (1997), "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" (1995) and "Pave the World" (1992).
The upcoming installment of the music fest is being highly anticipated by rock and punk music fans. The audience is eagerly waiting to get their hands on cheap Riot Fest tickets as the festival expands to newer heights and dimensions this year. Celebrating its eighth year in style, the Riot Festival will debut in two new locations throughout the country including Brooklyn and Dallas. The festival will also mark its first overseas appearance at Toronto, Canada this season.  The new installment of the festival will kick off the event with renowned  bands such as the Descendants, NOFX, Gogol Bordello, The Gaslight Anthem, Coheed and Cambria, , Rise Against, Iggy & the Stooges, Slapstick, Elvis Costello, Dropkick Murphys, The Offspring,  and The Jesus and the Mary Chain. Formed in Glasgow, the Scottish rock band Jesus and Mary Chain is one of the main highlights at the 2012 Riot Festival. The band was formed in 1983 and it has since then mesmerized millions of worldwide fans with its chart breaking albums and hit singles. They have released six studio albums including one silver and two gold albums. Their studio releases include "Psycho Candy", "Dark Lands", "Automatic", "Honey's Dead", "Stoned & Dethroned" and "Munki".
Riot Festival has become one of the most sought after punk rock events in North America. The exciting lineups, anticipated reunions, special performances, colorful stages, and friendly environment have made Riot Festival a hot spot and major attraction for all music lovers. Every year, the number of attendees keeps on increasing and therefore the 2012 event is expected to be the craziest festival yet. The fans and audience should make sure not to miss the opportunity to become a part of this exciting musical journey. So grab cheap Riot Fest tickets to indulge in a riveting musical ride for a memorable experience.

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