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If you are a fan of the hip hop boy wonder, Justin Bieber or the new smash hit singer of “Gangnam Style”, you should make your way to the Q102 Jingle Ball Justin Bieber & PSY show where the two top selling artists will be performing. Born on the first of March in 1994, Justin Dustin Bieber, otherwise just known as Justin Bieber, is a singer, musician, songwriter, and actor from the city of London situated in Ontario. His family moved to Stratford after his birth, where the singer was raised. From a separated family, Bieber had to survive in a low-income household where he developed interest in sports prior to teaching himself to playing instruments such as guitar, piano, drums and the trumpet. By the naïve age of 12, Bieber started singing publicly, taking part in a local singing competition where he sang “So Sick” by the artists Ne-Yo. He was able to win the second prize in this competition against much mature competitors. Bieber started off his music career by uploading videos on the YouTube that included him singing covers of R&B songs. His ability to play almost all sorts of musical instruments and his superb singing talent set him apart from the numerous musicians out there. In order to witness the teenager’s next high-flying performance you should purchase your cheap Q102 Jingle Ball Justin Bieber & PSY tickets today.

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It was due to these YouTube videos that Bieber was able to make his big break, that too at the mere age of thirteen when the marketing executive, Scooter Braun formerly working at “So So Def Records” came across his videos by chance. He immediately became impressed and searched for this local singer. Approaching him in 2008, Scooter Braun flew him to Atlanta to sing for the R&B singer, Usher. After his audition Usher decided to sign him up to his record label company named Raymond Braun Media Group. He was also approached by Island Def Jam Music Group and Justin’s contract was established over a joint venture between these two companies. Bieber released his debut single in 2009 that was called “One Time” which was able to reach to the twelfth spot on the Canadian Hot 100 charts and the seventeenth spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This song was able to get platinum and gold certifications in Canada and US respectively.
His debut album was also released in the same year from which seven tracks made it to the Billboard Hot 100 charts, establishing a record of being the only debut album that was able to do so. After this grand success, came the multi-chart topping single called “Baby” that was released in 2010. This single went platinum in the United States. His second and third studio albums named “Mistletoe” and “Believe” respectively, also made it to the very top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts and continued to add to his already massive worldwide popularity. If you wish to see this R&B artist perform, all you need to do is purchase your Q102 Jingle Ball Justin Bieber & PSY tickets immediately.
Moving onto the second artist scheduled to perform at the show, Park Jae-sang, more popularly known as PSY is a Korean singer, rapper, songwriter and dancer. Born on the thirty first of December in 1977, this singer has gained massive international success due to his humorous dance videos. His latest worldwide hit was the song named “Gangnam Style” that was based on the lives of the people living in a neighborhood that goes by the name Gangnam. This song was a track on his sixth album called “PSY’s Best 6th Part 1”. Soon after its release the composition went on to become the “Most Viewed Video” in 2012 on YouTube. It also reached the number one spot on the iTunes Music Charts, surpassing Katy Perry’s and Justin Bieber’s new singles, establishing the record of being the first Korean artist to achieve this feat. PSY has released seven studio albums up till the year 2012, winning a total of fourteen awards throughout his musical career. So if you wish to watch him perform his latest hit, you should purchase your Q102 Jingle Ball Justin Bieber & PSY tickets today.

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