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The Q102 Jingle Ball is the annual concert that the radio channel organizes around Christmas time. Radio personalities, as well as the artists receiving the most airplay are invited to perform. The concert is made into an entire event where attendees can hang on after the show and dance. The artists are also given a number of presents backstage from the show’s various sponsors. For the performers, being part of the Jingle Ball is a coveted position to be in for it confirms their relevance and success of that year. Two stars that were quite prominent in the popular music front this year were the teen pop sensation from Canada, Justin Bieber and the rapper from South Korea who has the whole world singing and dancing the “Gangnam Style”, PSY. With rumors that the two will collaborate, Q102 Jingle Ball Justin Bieber and PSY tickets have been selling like hot cakes.

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About Q102 Jingle Ball Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s success story is known to nearly all of his fans, who can recite it in a single breath when prompted. But to those who are new to the Bieber fever, before he was an international superstar, he was just a 12 year old boy, making home videos and posting them onto YouTube. His singing style and his talent was almost instantly recognized by Scooter Braun, who would later on become his manager. He was also simultaneously discovered by pop stars Justin Timberlake and Usher, both of whom wanted to sign him onto their labels. But it was Usher who got to mentor the young singer, signing him to his “Raymonnd Braun Media Group” or RBMG. Later on, as he progressed and released one hit record after the other, he was picked up by record producer, L.A. Reid who signed him to “Island Records”. All of Justin Bieber’s singles have now become recognized pop anthems. Be it his early work, “One Time”, or the single that perhaps became the defining moment of his career, “Baby”, the songs have resonated with teenage girls for whom he is an idol. The music video for “Baby” has been the top viewed video on YouTube, having been viewed nearly 700 million times. He has shown diversity by singing slower, melodious tracks like “U Smile”, or more energetic and upbeat songs like “Somebody to Love”. Additionally, he has collaborated with his mentor, Usher a number of times, who still continues to write songs for the young singer. His fans will be buying the Q102 Jingle Ball Justin Bieber and PSY tickets to listen to Justin’s new work.
With his latest album, “Believe”, Justin Bieber wants to shed his teen heartthrob image and adopt a more adult contemporary style instead. This would be the first record where he has consciously made the progression to do something more mature and leave the teen pop genre behind. Now, he is experimenting with more R&B and dance tunes, and so far, the response has been brilliant. The first single off the album, “Boyfriend” marked this evolution. The song made its debut on the charts at number two and sold about 521,000 records just in the first week. This set the record for being the second best selling debut week song. The single also finally gave him the top spot on the Canadian charts, a position that had evaded him before that. The follow up singles, “As Long As You Love Me” and the collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj, “Beauty and a Beat” has also performed similarly well. Thus, the new album has not only been a reinvention for the singer, it has also reintroduced him to different markets. Another reason to find cheap Q102 Jingle Ball Justin Bieber and PSY tickets online is to get to listen to the overnight worldwide sensation, PSY. He is the South Korean rapper who also reached massive fame through YouTube. His music video for “Gangnam Style” became viral within just a few days of posting. Just four months later, the video now has 737,294,692 views on YouTube, being second to Bieber himself. Other than the song itself, fans have fallen in love with the choreography and his style. PSY adorns a sharp dressed look, complete with a bow tie and shades and does what he calls the “horse dance”. This dance and the song has become an online sensation, with people posting videos of themselves doing the “Gangnam Style” from all over the world. This has given the rapper a global platform, such as the Q102 Jingle Ball. People who attend the show will be nothing less than entertained.

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