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Mid-America Chevy Dealers present a thrilling heavy metal show, Pointergeist, featuring Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, just when the two bring their Twins of Evils Tour to stop at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. The show will be opened by J-Devil Jonathan Davis, the frontman and lead vocalist of metal group Korn, who was given the sixteenth position on the All Time Top 100 Vocalist of Heavy Metal list in Hit Parader in 2006. The performance promises the ‘biggest Pointergeist show yet’ that will bring its audience ‘a night of craziness’. Both the main acts have been recognized as legendary metal maestros over the years with Zombie best known as the co-founder of rock group White Zombie, which released several albums that went multi-platinum such as La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, part I and Astro Creep: 2000, both of which were also noted for producing topping entries on Billboard 200 charts.

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Manson is most prominent for his rather controversial image and persona on stage, as well as for being the lead vocalist of the band Marilyn Manson. To date the artist has released nine albums including Born Villain, High End of Low, Eat Me, Drink Me, Golden Age of Grotesque, Holy Wood, Mechanical Animals, Antichrist Superstar, Smells like Children and Portrait of the American Family. A joint appearance by two of the greatest metal acts has made Pointergeist tickets a hot topic of town talk among metal freaks.
Jonathan Davis who will be opening the Pointergeist show, has been playing with metal group Korn since 1993, releasing several hit albums such as Life Is Peachy, Untouchables, Follow the Leader, Path of Totality and Issues, among many others. The group has received many awards and honors including two Grammy Awards, while Davis singularly won a Reader Choice Award from Metal Edge magazine for Vocalist of the Year. His solo albums include Live at Union Chapel from 2011 and Alone I Play from 2007, while he has also released a few singles such as Spike in My Veins, Silent Hill, Got Money and Love on the Rocks.
One of the main acts of Pointergeist, Rob Zombie has been noted for using elements of suspense and horror in his music that are inspired by the artist’s fondness for horror movies. His music also comprise of characteristics common among heavy and alternative metal, that he further combines with hypnotic rhythms, haunting and industrial sounds. He likes to have a murderous story line in his songs, with distinct vocal and heavy, complex beat. Many of the songs on his hit album Hellbilly Deluxe include lines from films like Mark of the Devil, Last House on Left and Satanic Rite of Dracula. The album became a huge hit producing three hit singles on Billboard 200. The artist counts Elton John, KISS, Alice Cooper and Queen as some of his prime inspirational sources.
Marilyn Manson will be contributing to the thrilling Pointergeist show with his palate of alternative metal and glam rock. He is a multi-talented artist who is known to be a film director, actor, poet, writer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. He can play the guitar, keyboards, bass, harpsichord, flute, drums, pan flute and mellotron. The artist is known to make use of exceedingly outrageous vocal and visual styles, and his distinct interpretations of familiar tracks as well as his controversial lyrics constitute a major part of his stage appeal.
Manson’s band by the same name has released many albums among which three are known to have gone platinum while three others went gold, while several of their albums appeared in the top ten charts in their initial charting phase. He has received several award nominations, among which he has won some including an MTV Video Music Award in the category of Best Video Cinematography for his song video of The Dope Show in 1999. He has received three Grammy nominations including the categories of Best Metal Performance twice for mOBSCENE and Astonishing Panorama of EndTimes; and Best Hard Rock Performance for The Dope Show. Don’t miss this one time performance by the two metal legends; just grab some cheap Pointergeist tickets and be there to experience their genius.

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