Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2013 2 Day Pass Tickets

The Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest is one of the many events organized as part of the Gaither Fest and other Gaither events started by Bill Gaither and Gloria Gaither. These are some of the most renowned homecoming events organized in the US, featuring one of the most incredible lineups in music, lineups bound to inspire, motivate and nourish the soul. This year, a number of bands and artists are set to perform at the Gaither Fest in Myrtle Beach, much to the joy of all those who have ordered Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2 Day pass.

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About Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2013 2 Day Pass

The Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest is set to play host to Bill & Gloria Gaither, the Gaither Vocal Band which is home to Mark Lowry, Wes Hampton, Michael English and David Phelps, The Booth Brothers, Buddy Greene, The Brows, Mathew Holt, the Martins, The Isaacs, Taylor Mason, Angela Primm, Gene McDonald, Charlotte Ritchie, Russ Taff, Greg Ritchie, and Kevin Williams. A number of sensational speakers are also set to take the stage this year at Myrtle Beach.
Bill Gaither, founder of the Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest event and others like it, is an American Christian contemporary music artist who also sings southern gospel music. He is a singer, songwriter and music producer who has been active since the fifties, churning hit record after record. His music has been released by the likes of the Gaither Music Group and Spring House Productions, amongst others. He often performs with his wife, Gloria Gaither, as Bill & Gloria Gaither and with other musicians the Gaither Vocal Band and the Bill Gaither Trio. He is best known for the Gaither Homecoming series while led to his popularity and that of many Southern Gospel artists.
He is set to perform live at the Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest as Bill & Gloria Jean. He has won many an award including six Grammy Awards for Best Inspirational Performance, Best Southern Gospel Album and Best Southern, County or Bluegrass Gospel Album. He has also won a record thirty one GMA Dove Awards, the highest honors in gospel and Christian contemporary music for Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year, Inspirational Album of the Year and Praise and Worship Album of the Year. His songs have been ranked twice as the ASCAP Best Gospel Song of the Year and he has been dubbed as one of the top 75American Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur magazine. He is often seen live at many events, with many planning to catch him live at this one with cheap Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest tickets.
Gloria Gaither is also performing live at the Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest event. She is a Christian music artist who has been active since 1962. she is a songwriter, author, editor, speaker and academic who has been part of the Bill Gaither Trio, one of the most famous groups in Christian music today. She has won many GMA Dove Awards for Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Southern Gospel Album of the Year and has been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. She has also won a number of Grammy Awards including for the Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album.
This is therefore an event quite like no other in Christian music, gospel music and southern gospel music. It is an event that celebrates spirituality through music with concerts and talks, best observed closely by ordering Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest tickets.

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