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Are you ready to make some noise because the hard rock madness, Disturbed is now hanging out with the people of Missoula. They have been disturbing the musical scene with their hardcore, metallic music since 1995. All band members; John Moyer, Dan Donegan, David Draiman and Mike Wengren come together to create electrifying energy on the stage. Their live performances, with roaring jamming session are the reason their fans consider them the heroes of hard rock music. They might be stars for a lot of music lovers but their idols are iconic rock sounds like Iron Maiden, Pantera, Judas Priest, and Soundgarden.

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About Music As A Weapon Disturbed Missoula Tickets

They are the rebellious lot, with David Draiman being booted out of five different schools to become this Disturbed. If you are a Disturbed fan then it’s needless to say that there is going to be thrashing guitars, head banging and angry rants all night long. You can’t come to a Disturbed concert and expect heart rendering tunes and sweet melodies.

 In their musical career they have released five studio albums, each one of them bringing heart-chilling fiery. Their number 1 charting albums include Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible and Asylum. All these albums have done great business, ticking platinum success in the market. Their most popular singles include Stupify, Down with the Sickness, Prayer, Remember, Liberate, Guarded, Stricken, Inside The Fire, Indestructible, Another Way To Die and Warrior. So are you ready to have a crazy night out with the members of Disturbed? If so then get your Disturbed Missoula Tickets now!