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The extraordinary multi-talented Rock whiz, Bryan Adams is the most down to earth yet over-the-top artist who possesses the deadly combination of being a producer, singer, bassist, songwriter, guitarist and even a photographer. The veteran has to-date been dominating the rock world for over two decades now. He swept twenty Juno Awards, two Ivor Novello Awards, several Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for his remarkable contribution to the genre including the award for Best Song Written specifically for a Motion Picture or Television. He was also induced in to Canada’s Walk of Fame and Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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About Moon and Stars Festival Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams was born in Canada to English parents on the 5th of November 1959. His passion for music started emerging in his teens when he took up a dish cleaning job to collect money to purchase a Fender guitar. The first ever job as a singer that Adams got was as a temporary lead singer at a bar where he was to be replaced once they found a good singer, which never happened. He gave up school to perform with different bands at night clubs and this helped him into being the lead singer of Sweeney Todd for the album ‘If Wishes Were Horses.

Adam’s first successful album in his native country Canada was the ‘Cuts Like a Knife’ which marked the beginning of his ever-existing fame. ‘Straight from the Heaven’ and ‘This Time’ took the album to the top ten ratings and sold platinum. Album’s success can be greatly attributed to the panoptic touring for its promotion beginning from Canada to U.S., Europe and Japan. Following was the album ‘Reckless’ which highlighted him as an international celebrity with songs like Summer of ’69, Run to You, One Night Affair, It’s only Love, One Night Affair and Heaven. The album sold 5 million copies in the United States and approximately another 3 million in the rest of the world. Bryan Adams received two Grammy nominations for this album.

‘Into The Fire’ became the fifth top ten album in U.S. with selling about a million copies in the U.S. and another million elsewhere. The promotional tour for this album continued for over a year with its concluding show in Belgium being recorded for a television special to be broadcasted in Canada. The same live show was converted into a concert album by the name ‘Live! Live! Live!’ to be primarily released only in Japan but its worldwide demand later led to its international release.  

With an inflammatory title, ‘Waking Up the Neighbours’ released in 1991produced another two top ten hits, Everything I Do and Can’t Stop This Thing We Started. And before the hype of these two songs was over, came to surface three other hits There Will Never Be Another Night, Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven, and Do I Have to Say the Words? The album qualified Bryan for his first ever Academy Award and another Grammy nomination. Very much expectedly, the album sold 4 million copies in U.S. and 6 million overseas.


Before commencing on his next album, Bryan Adams released an album of his hits compiled including the breathtaking song Please Forgive Me. Releasing in 1996 was the album ‘18 Till I Die’ and with singles like Let’s Make a Night to Remember, the album aced platinum status in Canada and Australia and double platinum in UK. His eleventh album, conveniently called ‘11’, was released in US with an eleven day acoustic promotional campaign.

The multi-dimensional sensation, Bryan Adams, also has a substantial inclination towards social activities and for this particular purpose he established a foundation on his name, The Bryan Adams Foundation. This establishment was initiated to promote education for children and the youth of our generation all over the globe. The foundation is majorly supported by the proceeds from his photography venture. He launched a fashion magazine based in Germany with the name of Zoo Magazine, is an editor at Zoomer Magazine based in Canada, and has also published a series of books of photos to support his interest in social activities as mentioned above.

Adams travelled to several continents to support social causes. His 2004 Qatar performance proceeds along with the guitar auctioning were utilized to help "Reach Out to Asia" program. In 2006 he performed in a benefit concert in Pakistan with proceeds going to unfortunate children and those affected in 2005 earthquake. Later that year, Adams attended a charity event in London to raise donations to assist Palestinain refugee children.  The Legendary Bryan Adam is rejoicing into live action this summer, so grab your Bryan Adams Tickets now before it gets too late!

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