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Bastian Baker is a twenty year old Swiss singer-songwriter who gained instant recognition on the first ever release of his single tilted Lucky, which was right away played and re-played on the Swiss radio stations since March onwards. The song was then performed before an audience in 2011 at the Caprices Festival that captured the attention of three thousand people, which can be credited to his other catchy ballads. Baker was seen shuffle between stories in the newspaper for gaining such fame at such young age and was being continuously approached for interviews in Swiss German or French by the best known Swiss newspapers, while he also received invitations on radio and TV shows. His potential and skills impressed Claude Nobs who attended one of his concerts in Zermatt. The main head of the well-known Montreux Jazz Festival was quite taken aback by Baker and was thoroughly convinced of his abilities as a musician, thus inviting him to perform at the 2011 Off Festival held in July. The show turned out to be a total success, with many of its audience locked in trance, with many people joining in to sing a-long his songs while the critics were ecstatic. This was the beginning of the Bastian Baker music enigma that has made Bastian Baker tickets such as a talk of town today.

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About Montreux Jazz Festival Bastian Baker

The twenty-year old Bastian Baker’s unusual talent, angelic aura and overwhelming charisma has held many people in pure amazement, particularly those who have attended his live performances. Baker is said to have been involved in music since the age of five when he would sing R.E.M songs. Baker also happens to be an excellent athlete and for twelve years has been playing high-level ice hockey, which he is away from now owing to being taken over by just music. His debut album was mixed by Philippe Weiss in Paris. Weiss has worked with top acts including Beastie Boys, Wyclef Jean and Charles Aznavour. The album features other top musicians such as Fergus Gerrand, a drummer and percussionist who has played for Madonna, Robert Plan and Duran Duran; and Ken Stringfellow, the keyboardist and guitarist who has worked with The Posies and R.E.M.
Bastian Baker refuses to accept the standard musical formulas that attract larger appeal, and instead chooses to be honest, creating his own very distinct musical style that has set new benchmarks and thrown new highlights. His album starts with songs I’d Sing For You and Colorful Hospital, which have instantly seized the radio’s attention. With You Gone is flamenco, On Planet Earth conveys a somber mood, Nobody Should Die Alone alludes to something very conclusive and Love Machine is unarguably one of the best tracks on love experiences. Other songs from the album include Song about a Priest, Smile, Having Fun, I Still Don’t Realize, and Tomorrow may not be better.
In the last few months, Bastian Baker has spurred a craze among his growing following. According to Baker he is lucky to have a dynamic management and an inspiring producer who have made his success possible.  His songs are compound of rock tunes and folk-pop sensibilities that reflect best in his song Tomorrow may not be better. His album was recorded in Paris alongside the best English musicians, and was then taken to Weiss’s studio where it was mixed. It was released in the September of 2011, and became an instant number one on the sale of Swiss iTunes, while it appeared as a number three on charts and in no time was seen climbing to the top. The album was such a critical and commercial success that it attained the gold status in a matter of four months. Baker then performed forty concerts across Switzerland, at Hallenstadion in Zurich in front of thirteen thousand people and opened a Roxette show. Bastian Baker is the new pop-rock act so hurry and get hold of some cheap Bastian Baker tickets.

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