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Anastacia Lyn Newkirk is the full name of Anastacia who is an American singer and songwriter. She was born in 1968 in Chicago and her music is an amalgamation of soul, pop, dance, pop rock and R&B. She has enjoyed international fame and well known in South America, Australia, Europe, Asia and South Africa. The Anastacia tickets will make you see for yourself the reason for her popularity. Her melodious voice coupled with an outstanding personality is what Anastacia events are famous for.

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In 2000, Anastacia released her first album titled Not That Kind. This album topped many charts and earned her a huge fan following. It secured top positions in eight countries across Asia and Europe. It won a platinum certification in Australia and Europe. Her first song I'm Outta Love once again enjoyed international fame and earned top positions in countries like Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland. Her second song Not That Kind secured eleventh position in the United Kingdom and tenth in Italy. Freak of Nature was a second album by Anastacia that once again keeping in line with the legacy of giving hit songs and albums won a triple platinum certification. This album contained many hit songs including Paid My Dues, You’ll Never Be Alone, One Day in Your Life and Why’d You Lie to Me. Her immense talent has given her an opportunity to perform with other legendary singers like Celine Dion, Dixie Chicks, Shakira, Cher, and Stevie Nicks. In the year 2002 in collaboration with all these musicians Anastacia gave her contribution in recording a song titled Love is a Crime. She has had the honor of performing in the opening ceremony of 2002 Fifa World Cup and her act was seen and adored by millions. Cheap Anastacia tickets shall prove to be your ultimate source of entertainment and will provide you with a chance to enjoy the music sung in her mesmerizing voice.
Anastacia is an artist who has been constantly working on her vocal range to improve it and her works show this improvement. She added more funkiness and rock instruments in her range and this gave her an added advantage over her contemporaries. In the year 2003 she started working on her upcoming album along with Dallas Austin, Glen Ballard and David A. Stewart. In the year 2004 she released a song entitled Left Outside Alone which saw a change in her work and became one of the greatest songs in Europe that year.  It earned first position in Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland and came second in Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Netherlands. She has also appeared in many important occasions including a memorial concert for Diana that was organized on her forty sixth birthday that took place at the Wembley stadium.
Anastacia has a versatile personality and due to this versatility she was able to open her own clothing brand in partnership with a German company known as s. Oliver. This collection was premiered in the year 2006 under the name of Anastacia by s. Oliver. Due to a sudden diagnosis of having breast cancer she had started collecting funds for the awareness of breast cancer in young females and has also made huge amount of donations to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. An artist showing such different shades of her life in her music is what her concerts are all about. In order to be a part of her concerts the Anastacia tickets are a must-buy deal for everybody.

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