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Amy Macdonald is not just ordinary young singer but this 24 year old has sold over 4 million copies of her two studio albums to rule the world of music. To add to this count, she is releasing a new album real soon whose title is, Life in a Beautiful Light. This Scottish beauty has been a real charmer in her live concerts which is why Amy Macdonald tickets are always the fastest to sell out no matter where she’s playing. Amy got her breakthrough by sending her demo tapes to NME through an advertisement where she outshone 500 demos from other people. After 8 or 9 months recording like this, Vertigo caught scent of her talents and signed her up in 2007.

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About Montreux Jazz Festival Amy Macdonald

It did not take a first or a second album to get Amy Macdonald international recognition as she was on music charts right with the release of her first single, “This is the Life”. She was only 18 when she released her debut album titled, This is the Life, which featured her love for her homeland. This album can be described as a nice folk-rock album or simply a pop album with catchy beats. Entering into the American music world, she made appearances on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Ellen DeGeneres Show which helped to boost the popularity of her album.
Amy Macdonald set the footing for her second album by releasing a single, “Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over”. Having formed the ground for a new album, this new one came out in 2010 to the much pleasure of the eagerly awaiting fans. Other singles that made it to the top charts included “Spark”, “This Pretty Face”, “Love Love” and “Your Time Will Come”. This album alone sold 1,000,000 copies all over the world. Amy regards Travis, The Killers and the Libertines as her biggest musical influences.
As for her awards and nominations, winning the Best Newcomer Award at Tartan Clef Awards in 2008 was the start of her adding such honors in her bag. She won an award for the same category at silver Clef Awards the same year. She performed along U2 at the 2009 Echo Awards in Germany where she took home the award for “Best International Newcomer”. The same year saw her winning awards for “Best International Album” and “Best International Song” at Swiss Music Awards. Probably one of her greatest awards was to win for “The Best International Rock/Pop Female” at the Echo Awards which she won beating big nominees like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Pink and Adele.  
Amy Macdonald’s live concerts are not a fancy and uptight business like the usual modern stuff but depict her passion for singing and the charismatic personality that she portrays on the stage. She does not like to run after the trends but is a trend-setter in herself. Her fans are always looking for cheap Amy Macdonald tickets and when they can find it easily, they consider it a double treat. Her concerts does not feature dazzling lights and loud music blasting from the speakers but are placid and the armies and armies of her fans spread all over adore her for his style.
Her journey started from the single, “This is the Life” but she isn’t planning to stop it anytime soon. Macdonald’s songs are not just fillers for lyrics. She portrays real life sentiments in a striking way and her melodies are simply captivating. She has experimented with a wide range of singing styles and it as only given her more control over her already powerful voice. Amy Macdonald tours extensively, spreading the charm of her music as much as she can. Amy Macdonald tickets are always a treat for her thousands of fans which are spread in every corner of every country she’s famous in. For a self-taught musician like her, it is simply praise-worthy that she has reached such a high level in her profession and has kept a steady pace.

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