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Maidens have typically been perceived as dainty little creatures, sitting all pretty and doled up, waiting for their knight in shining armor to come and sweep them off their feet. However, history is mired by some very menacing maidens that have quite literally claimed the hearts of their victims. Most notable is the guillotine Scottish Maiden that relentlessly sliced off the heads of the all the heretics deemed so by Mary, Queen of the Scotts, or Bloody Mary, as she was infamously called. The Iron Maiden was another instrument of torture used during the 18th century and early 1900s, which encased its victims in an anthropomorphic cabinet, sticking him/her with spikes like a needle cushion. However, the late 20th century saw the rise of another Metallic Maiden that has been skewering its targets with sonically piercing melodies and jarringly slicing vibes. Secure some cheap Milwaukee Summerfest Iron Maiden tickets now to behold it at "The World's Largest Music Festival".

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The musical phenomenon of Iron Maiden was forged in the nascent "British metal" scene of the late 1970s and then fashioned into an imposing symphonic presence during the eighties, perpetrating metal mayhem along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Hammered into shape by bassist Steve Harris in 1976, Iron Maiden was further fashioned by inducting Tony Parsons on rhythm guitars, Doug Sampson on drums and Paul Di'Anno as the lead vocalist. Iron Maiden broke into the top-ten slot on the UK Albums chart with their debut self-titled album that was released by EMI. The record peaked at number 4 and has since gone platinum. The follow-up Killers dialed up the edginess in Iron Maiden's sound, peaking at the 12th spot in UK and entering the top-100 on Billboard 200. The band is surely going to be killing it at the Milwaukee Summerfest Iron Maiden session.
However, it was after Di'Anno parted ways and Bruce Dickinson became lead vocalist that Iron Maiden was finally initiated into the industry's inner sanctum. The band saw 1982's The Number of the Beast climb up the numbers on the UK Albums chart, resounding at the top spot and went top-twenty in several other countries, earning a triple-platinum certification. After taking a backseat from their occult assault with Piece of Mind in 1983, that went top-ten internationally and peaked at 14 on Billboard 200, Iron Maiden again went musically overboard with Powerslave and continued to blast out top-ten records in the UK as well as the international markets, namely the chart-topping Seventh Son of a Seventh Son in 1988 and Fear of the Dark in 1992, both going top-twenty on Billboard 200 as did 1986's Somewhere in Time and 1990's No Prayer for the Dying. If you are an ardent fan of Iron Maiden, you will not have any "peace of mind" until you lock down some cheap Milwaukee Summerfest Iron Maiden tickets.
Though taking a backseat in the US market during the late 1990s, Iron Maiden exploded with a big bang at the turn of the millennium with Brave New World that entered the top-forty on Billboard 200 and went top-ten around the world. However, it was to be with the ensuing offerings, namely Dance of Death and A Matter of Life and Death throughout the 2000s and The Final Frontier released in 2010 that Iron Maiden asserted their dominance. The Milwaukee Summerfest Iron Maiden happening just might turn out to be "a matter of life and death" so don't miss it for the world. With the former two albums going top-ten in all major countries and topping the charts in Finland and Sweden, the latter debuted at #1 in more than 28 countries, peaking at the 4th spot in the US on Billboard 200. Their treasure trove of dozens of gold and platinum certified records, resulting in over 100 million in sales, have spawned around 17 top-ten singles, including the monster hits "Run to the Hills," "Two Minutes to Midnight," the US Rock chart topping "Wasted Years," "Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter" and the "The Trooper". So treat yourself to a symphonic slaughter by claiming some Milwaukee Summerfest Iron Maiden tickets.
Having clinched around two dozen international awards, including a "Best British Live Act" Brit Award in 2009 and a Grammy for their illumination quest number "El Dorado," Iron Maiden is all geared up to shake the stage Milwaukee Summerfest Iron Maiden event this July. So lock down some Milwaukee Summerfest Iron Maiden tickets for a veritable thrashing with some heavy metal lashings. 

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