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Formed back in 2006, Dethlok is quite famous for a hit television series called the Metalocalypse. On one hand, Dethlok is a virtual band with entirely fictional line up of musicians and even the record label, but their music is of course real and original. There’s also a real version of the band as well, they tours and performs Dethlok’s heavy metal hits live. And of course seeing their songs being performed live, is way better than seeing it on the television. And in case you haven’t got a chance yet to see them perform live, then being a heavy metal fan; do so with our cheap Dethlok tickets.

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About Metalocalypse Dethklok

Both the real band and the fictional one are the creations of Tommy Blacha, and Brendon Small. Most of the music that is Dethlok is seeing performing on the TV series is performed by Small, while being accompanied by other band members. The actual lineup of the band comprises of Brendon Small, Gene Hoglan, Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller. And as far as the fictional lineup is concerned, it consists of Toki Wartooth, Nathan Explosion, William Murderface and Skwisgaar Skwigelf. Dethlok made its official debut with the release of its debut studio album titled The Dethalbum that hit the music stores on September 25, 2007. The album enjoyed fair amount of success and popularity and manages to fetch #21 spot on the Top 200 list of Billboard Magazine. Later on the group has also toured with other bands like Converge, High on Fire and Mastodon, but prior to that they also released their second album called the Dethalbum II.
As far as the background and formation of the band is concerned, the band follows the fictional background of Dethlok that has been portrayed in the Metalocalypse series. According to that series, the group happens to be one of the most popular heavy metal bands of its time, and enjoys substantial amount of success as well. Moreover, the group is also shown to enjoy huge amount of loyal fan following of those who’re willing to do just about anything in order to watch the band perform live. The fans are shown to go any limit to get a hold of Dethlok tickets. With a fan base that reaches up to billions in number and highly attractive record and sponsorship deals, Dethlok is shown to be seventh largest economy of the world in the series.
In the series, the members of the band are shown to be good at only one thing, and that is to make music. Apart from that, they aren’t good at to anything at all. They badly fail in accomplishing the normal day tasks like making food, shopping or even keeping a relationship. In their quest of achieving success at normal day tasks, they are assisted by their manager cum lawyer, Charles Foster Ofdensen, who usually helps them when the band is about to make some bad decisions. In the series, there is also an antagonist society called the Tribunal. The Tribunal monitors each and every move of the group members, and secretly tries to work against the group.
The actual band went on the promotional tour organized for the first time by Adult Swim in 2007. On that tour, the actual group members performed at twelve different colleges in United States and the Dethlok tickets were also made available to those college students as well. The following year, the group went on concert tour yet again, this time with Soilent Green and Chimaira. While on that tour, the group performed twenty seven dates. They also co-headlined a tour along with Converge, Mastodon and High on Fire in late 2009. The group also performed live in place of Megadeth during Mayhem Festival in July 2011.
From time to time, the group keeps on performing live and keeps it fan base entertained with their highly energetic live performances. So all your death metal music fans out there; experience the magic with cheap Dethlok tickets this season. 

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