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Over the years there have been various genres of music going in and out of fashion as musical tastes change and new genres appear as a result of experimentation. There has been countless musicians who rather than staying within the limits of the genre they played in, pushed those boundaries creating their own signature sounds and gaining immense popularity. This process of evolution in music is ever continuing as new genres are developed and some gain mainstream popularity. Rap and hip-hop has been a great success of the recent decade or so and has gained a lot of fan following. Many artists have contributed to the rising popularity of this genre and left their mark on music and the listeners alike. Today many new upcoming artists are showcasing their talent and earning accolades, and fans of rap music would no doubt find the Frank Ocean tickets to be a great buy.

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About Lollapalooza Aftershow Frank Ocean

This young artist has been in the music scene for some time working mostly as a behind the scene lyricist or ghost writer as they are called for a number of hugely successful artists such as Bridget Kelly, John Legend and the ever popular Justin Bieber. Since then he has also ventured into a solo career and is gaining much popularity. His concert tours are heavily attended by fans who crave to listen to his live music. It is also possible for fans to find cheap Frank Ocean tickets on the internet so they need to look out for them.
Frank Ocean initiated his own solo career in early 2001 when he released “Nostalgia,Ultra” which was a mixtape featuring a collection of songs. This early foray into a solo career proved rewarding for the young artist as two of his singles “Novacane” and “Swin Good” were met with much success. “Novacane” continued to do well on the charts and made its way to the 82nd spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart which was a great achievement for Ocean.  Soon Ocean began collaborations with various artists and appeared as guest vocalist on several tracks such as “She” by Tyler, the Creator and “No Church in the Wild” with Kayne West and Jay-Z. All the while he continued as a song writer for numerous other artists and wrote for famous singers like Beyonce, contributing the track “I Miss You” and Bridget Kelly with the track “Thinking About Forever”. As a budding artist in his own right Frank Ocean tickets are to be a great buy for hip hop lovers wishing to see one of the new emerging faces of this genre.
Ocean’s early success also lead him to join OFWGKTA, which is a famous hip hop collective based in Los Angeles. This collection of various rappers is led by Tyler, the Creator and performs together in tours all over the US. Ocean’s first appearance with the collective was on Domo Genesis’ song “Steam Roller”. Frank Ocean was also placed second on a poll conducted by the BBC titled “Sound of 2012” testament to his rising popularity. It is for this reason that the artist’s tickets are in such great demand by ever increasing numbers of fans.
Buoyed by his success, Frank Ocean however is looking to go beyond his song writing credentials for various artists and collaborative songs. He is releasing is full length solo album titled “Channel Orange” in July 2012 the release of which is widely anticipated by the hip hop community and fans. If any of his collaborative work so far is any indication of his singing and song writing abilities then Ocean has the potential to grow even bigger in the music industry and stand with the likes of heavyweights such as Jay-Z and Kayne West with whom he has already collaborated. He is kicking off fresh tours in order to promote the release of his new album so he is the one to watch out for this year in the hip hop circuit. Aside from his own individual tours for which fans would be interested to know that they can find available on the internet Frank Ocean tickets, he has also been announced as part of the Lollapalooza lineup. This amazing festival which features popular bands from various genres has seen legends such as Depeche Mode, Metallica and Pearl Jam grace the stage and looks ready to boost Ocean’s popularity to new heights. 

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