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With the summer season already upon us, there is lots of free time on our hands and not much to do. Can’t be motivated enough to get off the couch and do something? Worry no more for the answer to all your problems is now here. It is that time of the year again when you get to renew your musical vows and get in sync with your inner you. Live 105 BFD 2017 tickets are now available, so grab your passes for the biggest music party of the year!

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About Live 105 BFD 2012

For the newcomers, a little background is only fair, so here goes. Although it started out as KITS, also known as ‘Live 105’, it has over the course of time, developed such a huge and devoted fan following especially in the Bay area that everyone not living under a rock is aware of Live BFD. For all our curious first time visitors the B stands for ‘Big’ and D for ‘Day’, and if you still cannot fathom what the F is for then this is not the place for you. Starting out as a US broadcasting radio station airing from San Francisco, California, Live 105 actually plays at 105.3 MHz. The radio station is owned by CBS Radio and caters exclusively to a niche genre of music that can be categorized as modern rock. Due to the rapidly increasing demand and popularity of the station, it is also broadcast on HD channel L2, on the local Comcast cable in the Bay area and also is available online.
The main claim to fame of the radio station is its two marquee concerts annually that draw huge crowds of music enthusiasts. BFD is almost always held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. It has always been a concert that continues all day and gives the opportunity for new and promising musical acts to showcase their talents on the big stage by providing a platform and audience that has come to expect a certain level of music excellence from the radio station. To keep audience interest at a maximum, the schedule is made in such a way that promising bands perform during the day and at night during prime time; the bigger and more established bands take the stage. Thus it is a very fine balance.
It is a testament to the event's success that Live 105 BFD has been held without a break since its inception in June 1994. The first performers on the BFD stage were Beck, Green Day and The Pretenders. And since that day, the benchmark they set has not only been met but each year the bar has been raised by newer and even more successful bands that have gone platinum multiple times. Some of those bands do not even need an introduction such as; AFI, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The White Stripes, Blink 182, Hole, The Killers, The Strokes, 311, Third Eye Blind, The Foo Fighters, Panic at the Disco, The Offspring, Stone Temple Pilots and The Beastie Boys. In addition to such a stellar list, there are also the occasional all-time classic bands such as Duran Duran, Social Distortion and The Cure that make an appearance.
Keeping the tradition alive, this summer musical extravaganza will once again be spread over four stages and more than twenty five artists and bands that will be churning out all your favorite numbers. So don’t waste anymore precious time and grab your cheap Live 105 BFD Tickets right now before they sell out and you miss out on the chance of a lifetime to listen to such amazing talents such as the Subsonic Dance Tent, Festival Stage ,Main Bowl and how can one leave out our very own Soundcheck Local Band Stage that always pays tribute to the local Bay Area Music Scene. The time is NOW, get your Live 105 BFD tickets today!

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Q:What will happen to my bfd 2017 tickets if the event is cancelled?

A:In case of cancellation of the event you will be refunded for your Live 105 Bfd 2016 Tickets.

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