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The only tour of its kind, Lilith Fair is back this year! Led by founder Sarah McLachlan, there are numerous world famous female artists in the lineup, including Rihanna, Sheryl Crow, Erykah Badu, and Colbie Calillat. The concert tour has made the huge fan base all across the globe. People are trying hard to secure the Lilith Fair Tickets for themselves in advance, since they are likely to sell out fast. If you also want to be a part of the celebration of women in the music industry, then you better be there too.

About Lilith Fair Tickets

Lilith Fair is the name of a travelling music festival/concert tour that was started by the popular Canadian Grammy-award winning artiste Sarah McLachlan, along with Marty Diamond, Terry McBride and Dan Fraser. It only consists of female artists or bands that are led by female artists. The basic purpose of this festival is to celebrate the women in music. It presents the best in female music, ensuring a unique experience to both, the audience and the musicians.

The original tour kicked off in 1997 and ran through 1999, becoming one of the highest grossing touring festivals in the world. By performing more over 100 different shows, it gathered more than 1.5 million fans in attendance and collected over $10 million dollars for local and national charities. Other than Sarah McLachlan, the lineup included popular names such as Queen Latifah, The Dixie Chicks, Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Jewel, Missy Elliot, and many more. Due to an all-female line up, the festival got acknowledged by various negative nicknames, such as 'Breast-fest' and 'Girlapalooza'. However, all these negative impressions did not affect the festival, and it turned out to be huge success. Lilith Fair was started because Sarah McLachlan was frustrated and disappointed by the lack of recognition all the female artists of her era were receiving. Despite making large contributions to the music scene, these women were not being appreciated for their efforts. Tired of the current system, McLachlan decided to craft Lilith Fair in order to provide such artists a proper venue to perform.

According to the announcement of the Nettwerk CEO and co-founder of the Lilith Fair - Terry McBride, the all-female festival will soon be returning in the summer of this year. The travelling music festival will tour across the nation, and it is also expected to hit Europe and other regions of the world as well. The lineup and dates for Lilith Fair have been decided and nationwide; fans are gearing up for this mega event. The Lilith Fair Tickets have once again become one of the hottest commodities which ensure that it will raise good amount for the local and national charities this time around.

If you are a music fan too, and your favorite artist is making a stop near you in Lilith Fair, then you should not miss out on this opportunity of attending this mega event. It is expected to be one-of-a-kind touring concert experience, so make sure to be a part of all-women magic!