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Have you ever wondered how awesome an experience it would be to watch music legends Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra live in concert. Since the two never got around to performing together many decades back. The fans have often fantasized about such a ‘mythical’ collaboration. Well, one doesn’t have to leave it up to ones imagination anymore! Why? Because, Barbra and Frank: The Concert That Never Was tickets, now bring them together for the first time. The show The Concert That Never Was stars Sharon Owens and Sebastian Anzaldo, who play the dynamic duo Streisand and Sinatra. Both of them have refined their performance greatly. They have tried to embody the essence of the songs of these great artists. Sinatra and Streisand are revived as a duo meant for the live stage; teaming Anzaldo and Owens made it possible. They have the perfect voices, looks and style! Using them to their best advantage the artists have mesmerized fans all over the country.

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Sebastian Anzaldo’s came from a creative family; his father was a saxophone player and hsi mother was a singer. No wonder the environment around him allowed him to enter performing arts since an early age. He started singing and playing instruments like the drum as a child. He moved on to semi- professional work by playing in bars and events like college parties. Anzaldo spent some time in New York refining his jazz skills and then headed off to California, the Entertainment capital of the world. Here he discovered that he had an excellent talent for doing Frank Sinatra. He latched onto it and quickly started incorporating the act into his performances. At that time he was part of a band Wild Life that got a lot of good press due to Sebastian’s Frank Sinatra routine. Wild Life grew with time to become one of the most in demand bands on the local Vegas circuit. The band gave Sebastian the perfect start to enter the big leagues.

Before starting on this grand concert, Sharon Owens was responsible for one of the best Streisand tribute show, Tribute to Barbra Streisand. She found even more widespread fame as she became a popular TV star. She has played on some of the most happening venues in Europe and North America. Once she landed up this wonderful concert show; she is more focused on delivering her role as Streisand. The Concert That Never Was is regarded by her as the best career opportunity by far; reviving the nostalgia of golden stars of pop like none other. Sharon Owens and Sebastian Anzaldo came together for The Concert That Never Was. Designed as a tribute show it features the glamorous Streisand and Sinatra as the super stars of their time. Starting off with the number I've Got a Crush on You, the how will blow you away with its deep of romance and sentiments.

The characters Barbra and Frank make the show even more realistic as they engage in mind and friendly banter amongst themselves. Barbara Streisand and Sinatra have been friends throughout their musical careers. However, they were never seen together on stage as Sinatra was more engaged in his kind of music and collaborating only when necessary. The concert has also become famous for presenting anecdotes and statements both passed about each other. The plot for The Concert That Never Was is rather simple. Frank has returned to Vegas for a one off performance with Barbara and after an amazing bunch of duets, leaves the stage. Barbra then takes over with her irresistible voice and persona. She belts out masterful versions of hits like Papa Can You Hear Me, People and No More Tears. Sinatra then returns to the stage and takes the audience on a journey through time with Strangers in the Night, I've Got the World on a String, Come Fly with Me and last but not the least, My Way.

The pair then reunites on a number of duets and playful interaction. Sharon and Sebastian are amazing in their roles. They give the feel that it’s not the sixties and they are not really Barbara and Frank! They gel together really well and their characters are highly refined; the subtle flirting and casual jokes are perhaps the most awesome aspect of the whole act making this concert a real treat.  Cheap The Concert That Never Was tickets offer an opportunity to become a part of the biggest musical concert of the season. With it star studded lineup it is bound to entertain fans with inspiring performances. Ensure your seats by booking right tickets now.

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