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The annual celebration of the culture and music of Louisiana and New Orleans is back with a bang! The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, popularly called the Jazz Fest features some of the most exciting and charging music for the visitors, making the experience rich in culture, authenticity and the heritage of the area. Now the festival is ready to play host to one of your favorite rappers. We are talking about none other than DMS. The Jazz Fest/ DMS show will no doubt be a rocking event, and fans will have an amazing time. If you want to have a taste of this awe-inspiring concert, then grab your Jazz Fest/ DMS tickets and get ready for a thrilling evening!

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About Jazz Fest DMS

Damone Marquette Shinault, famously known as DMS, belongs to Chicago, Illinois United States, and is believed by his fans to be among the best hip hop premiering musicians. He was a member of the crew at the Nulevel Music Group, and hit the music scene a few years ago to try his luck with rap music. He has an attitude, flow and style that leaves listeners enchanted by his music and compositions, and his live performances are always filled with excitement, thrill and energy. Damone Marquette Shinault had an interest in music since he was a kid. Not only that, but he was also a great athlete in school, always being the hottest and best player on the team, and being the fastest runner as well. He dreamed about becoming an F.B.I agent when he was a kid, but clearly, life player her hand and the then eighteen year old artist went head-first into the rap music industry without a second thought.

DMS released his first album soon after hitting the industry, and titled it My Life. This went on to become considerably successful, and sold countless copies. The single You Played Me from the album became highly popular, earning him a large amount of fan following all over the country. His music is a mix of hip hop and other styles, creating something completely new and unique for the listeners. His shows bring something creative for the audience every time he is up on stage, making the concert experience for the fans more exciting and entertaining. He is now all set to perform for you at the latest in the regular annual series of the Jazz Fest and this will be an event loaded with entertainment.

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is the perfect location for the latest DMS concert, as it provides fans with an awesome experience combined with music, food, and a great atmosphere, which doubles the fun. The festival is a celebration of the culture and heritage of New Orleans and Louisiana, and features music from all styles associated with the state and the city, such as bluegrass, country music, rap music, rock, latin, folk music, Afro-Caribbean, zydeco, cajun music, gospel music, jazz, R & B, blues and everything in between. The Jazz Fest takes place during the day, starting at approximately 11 am and ending at 7 pm. The event is held at the Fair Grounds Race Course.

The Jazz Fest was envisioned as a festival that would carry a large amount of popular appeal and cultural significance. The spirit of the festival was the culmination of several years of efforts by a lot of people, who succeeded in creating a show worthy of New Orleans's legacy as the birth place of jazz. It was an exciting and new idea, and represented the richest musical culture of the United States, blending a large mix of performers. The event has earned various honors over the years, and has been named “the country's very best music festival” by Life magazine.

Now this highly awaited festival is ready to host your favorite rapper, DMS, and this will be an opportunity of a lifetime! The rich festival, full of its splendor and heritage combined with the performance of your favorite musician is something that you should not miss in any case. Your tickets can get you to experience this amazing event, so what are you waiting for! Book your Jazz Fest/ DMS Tickets today and get ready to be blown away!

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