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Incredibly talented musicians, Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger and Jose Pasillas formed the band, Incubus back in the early 90s. They’ve been making music and entertaining the world since high school. Later on new members were introduced to the band that consisted of bassist Gavin Koppell and Alex Katunuich but they were eventually replaced in the later years. Currently the band is on tour and performing live at numerous venues countrywide. For the ardent fans, cheap Incubus tickets have been made available so that they don’t miss out on this live musical extravaganza.

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Incubus is known as the maestro of alternative rock and metal music. The members create an outstanding atmosphere with their startling rock compositions every time there’s a live concert. Additionally, the light effects and signature guitar riffs are always there to charge up the overall ambiance. With your Incubus tickets you can now experience it all on your own.
Incubus is referred to as one of the most critically and commercially successful rock bands of America. The critics and millions of Incubus fans around the globe have been praising their work and ingenuity that they have showed throughout their career. So far the band has worked with Sony Music Entertainment, Red Eye, Epic and Immortal Records on a number of studio albums. Incubus’s debut album, ‘Fungus Amongus’ became known to the music industry in the year 1995. The way Brandon mixed rock with rap helped the band garner a great deal of fame and recognition. Songs such as “Take Me to Your Leader,” “Trouble in 421” and “Psychopsilocybin” are some of the prominent numbers that belong to this album. After two years Incubus came up with an album named ‘S.C.I.E.N.C.E’. It turned out to be the band’s first album to receive a gold certification by the RIAA. Allmusic, Pitchfork Media and Drop-D Magazine wrote favorable reviews about the album. Incubus tried to experiment a little with music in this album and played around with the genres such as jazz, hip hop, electro, funk and techno. The songs “A Certain Shade of Green” and “New Skin” are the two popular numbers that belong to this record. Time and again critics have stated that the band’s music and lyrics have shown maturity and constant evolution.
Incubus’s third album, ‘Make Yourself’ did not just do well in one country; in fact, it went 3x platinum in Australia, 2x platinum in USA and platinum in Canada. The band’s fourth album, ‘Morning View’ did an even better business and went gold in UK and multi-platinum in both Australia and US. Slant, MTV Asia, Entertainment Weekly and Allmusic praised the album excessively and especially lauded the tracks, “Wish You Were Here,” “Nice to Know You” and “Warning”. Incubus’s 6th studio album, Lighting Grenades was a blockbuster and went gold in UK, Canada and US. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 charts and produced smacking hits such as “Oil and Water,” “Dig” and “Love Hurts”.  All those who have secured their cheap Incubus tickets can enjoy these outstanding rock numbers absolutely live. 
Incubus is known for using a variety of elements from different genres in their compositions and that is what makes their music unique and appealing. Many instruments that most of the musicians don’t even use in rock music are constantly being used by the band.  Some of these are bongos, djembe, pipa, didgeridoo and sitar. Due to its immense fan following, Incubus has performed live all around the world. This time it is your turn to come and enjoy the live Incubus concert. The group will take the live stage, setting it ablaze with its all time hits as well as new numbers. Famous songs such as “Drive,” “Anna Molly” and “Megalomaniac” will be performed live at the upcoming Incubus concert. Don’t delay any further and get Incubus tickets right away, as they are selling like hot cakes. The band will show you the time of your life!  

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