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As much as the theme, ambiance and the elaborate costumes categorize Halloweenie Roast, the event is also known for a fairly wide array of musical styles offered by some of the most successful artists in the music scene. Halloweenie Roast is an annual music festival arranged by a variety of radio stations such as the Buzz (96.5), WJRR, Lazer 103.3, 98 ROCK etc. In the past the festival has covered artists like J-Devil, Marilyn Manson, Craig Finn, Rob Zombie, Viva Brother, Social D, All that Remains, Royal Bliss, Machine Head, In this Moment, and many more. If you are looking forward to attending your favorite artist’s concert get Halloweenie Roast tickets and also find out what other performers take the stage.

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About Halloweenie Roast

Just like every Halloweenie Roast concert guarantees a line-up of power-packed artists, the upcoming event will be no exception. Taking the previous line-up will prove it all. Craig Finn, who has been described as “a born story teller who has chosen rock as his medium” by Pitchfork is among the recent performers. Finn is an American singer known for his descriptive in-depth lyrical style which has become his unique selling point over the years. Post-punk, alternative rock, and indie rock are some of the genres he has to offer. Finn has given a volley of hits winning over his fans and music critics. Sweet Payne, Stuck between Stations, Positive Jam, Killer Parties, Knuckles are to mention a few.
Rob Zombie is another star to have performed at the music festival. Also known as Mr. Zombie, the singer hails from Massachusetts, United States, and has worked with some of the most notable names in the music industry such as Lionel Richie, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Kerry King, and Black Label Society. Offering heavy metal, alternative metal, industrial metal, and groove metal, Rob Zombie has had the best of both worlds attaining success as the founding member of White Zombie and also as a solo artist. The rocker has delivered an endless list of hits like Thunder Kiss ’65, Dragula, Demon Speeding, Never Gonna Stop, Super beast and Living Dead Girl.
Speaking of the past performers, Marilyn Manson is no stranger to the Halloweenie Roast. The rock musician is in a league of his own as his persona is matchless. The singer, known for powerful vocals and theatrical concerts, excels at a number of genres including glam rock, shock rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, and industrial metal. Starting his career in 1989, Manson has released many hit albums spawning some unforgettable songs such as Sweet Dreams, The Beautiful People, Tainted Love, Get Your Gunn, No Reflection, The Dope Show, and many more. The year 2000’s Male Performer of the Year at the Metal Edge Reader’s Choice Awards, the rock musician is worth checking out.
Another rock band to have owned the stage at Halloweenie Roast is Royal Bliss. Formed in 1997, the band infuses hard-rock, pop punk, alternative rock, and post-grunge in their music. They have released eight studio albums named; Free Again, Gimme a Little Bliss, Old’s Cool, King Size, After the Chaos, After the Chaos II, Life in-between, and Waiting out the Storm. Through these albums the band produced countless hit numbers that became immediate favorites among their fans. Love Song, Morning After, Devils and Angels, No Surprises, Roll One, and Now She’s Leading being just a few among many.
Belonging to Springfield, Massachusetts, All that Remains has also been a treat to watch at the music festival. Formed in 1998, the rock band has sold around 800,000 records worldwide. Providing their fans with metalcore and melodic death metal, they have released many hits such as For We are Many, The Last Time, This Calling, Chiron and Two Weeks. Known for catchy melodies, All that Remains shined at the Independent Music Awards in 2011. The Fall of Ideals, Overcome and For We are Many are among their most successful albums. Without a shadow of doubt, the forthcoming concert is going to make headlines for its high-on-energy performances and if you are a rock fan then this is just the thing for you. To be part of the event buy cheap Halloweenie Roast tickets and watch the rockers perform live.

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