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Join the Gentleman of the Road for a sequence of stopovers at the finest locations all over the world. Each event at every destination will last for a day, celebrating food, music, and local population. A line-up of some of your favorite bands will be brought for a performance from across the world, and catering events that brings together the local gathering and a music festival all in a single epic party. Gentlemen of the Road Dixon tickets are available for you to get into the pastry’s spirit. One of the bands playing at the festival is Mumford & Sons, an English folk rock group that came into existence in December 2007.

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The band performed in small venues in the U.S. and U.K. during its early years of fame when they recorded Love Your Ground, to expose viewers and get support to create an actual album. They finally released their first album Sigh No More in Ireland and U.K. in October 2009. This album turned out to be a hit and reached number 1 in New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. It obtained a second position on the U.S. Billboard 200. After a great success of their first album, the band is set to come up with its second record Babel by September 2012. Mumford & Sons have done several gigs and performed numerous concerts around the world. In addition to their shows, they are hitting the road to play in the Gentlemen of the Road event. Fans are urged to grab some cheap Gentlemen of the Road Dixon tickets now, offered on our website