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The tradition and the culture of the sunshine state come at one place with the yearly held Florida Strawberry Festival. The event welcomes the visitors from all over the state and the rest of the world to indulge themselves in the festivities and fun activities that are interactive and equally entertaining for all members of the family. Attendees from the surrounding regions as well as the people from far flung areas come to the Florida Strawberry Festival to be a part of the showcase of the local fine arts, crafts, industry, commerce, livestock, agriculture and a lot more. The visitors also get a chance to take part in various social events at the festival as well as to enjoy outstanding parades along with the marching bands, competitions, youth development programs, and the live performances of some of the renowned figures from the music industry.

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About Florida Strawberry Festival Scotty McCreery

Like always, this year’s lineup of performers includes top notch acts and among them is American Idol winning country musician Scotty McCreery. Since the release of his debut album, McCreery has been enjoying good amount of fan following when it comes to country music. On May 25, 2011 McCreery became the first ever singer who is born in 1990s, to win the American Idol. After winning the tenth season of the American Idol, the country singer went on to release his debut album which received platinum status later on, since then McCreery’s popularity and fan following has only being growing.
The main aim behind this festival is to revive and celebrate that part of American history when events like these were staged to celebrate the harvests and also to bring together the people from different communities. It is that dedication to the culture heritage of the region that has turned Florida Strawberry Festival such a huge success among the regulars. Apart from being a great source of entertainment, the festival also continues to be an event which preserves and celebrates the agricultural heritage of the Sunshine State.
The Florida Strawberry Festival cannot be made possible without the combined efforts of all the volunteers who made the event possible, and in return doing so helps uniting the people from different parts of the Plant City, Florida, where the event is held. The history of the festival goes all the way back to 1930 when the event was held for the first time when Plant City Lions Club’s members decided to call for a celebration after a plentiful harvest of strawberries. The festival had a pause of that lasted for six years due to World War II, and the festival got back up once again in 1948. Since then, numerous civic organizations within the city and the Lions Club have always been a part of the event.
Over the decades, Florida Strawberry Festival has gone on to enjoy massive amount of popularity which is why it currently stands as one of the top most festivals nationwide; and when we talk about North America only, then the festival ranks among Top 40 fairs in the region. It is a community owned and operated festival which is administered by a group of board of directors who lay foundation to all the policies for the event.
For each day of the festival, Wish Farms Soundstage is the place to be if you wish to catch your favorite music act performing there live. Since this year’s lineup also includes Florida Strawberry Festival Scotty McCreery live performance, make sure you catch him live with cheap Florida Strawberry Festival Scotty McCreery tickets.  If you are a fan of McCreery's music, this performance is something not to be missed for the world. So while the festivities last, catch McCreery up close and personal as well with Florida Strawberry Festival Scotty McCreery tickets.

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