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There is a “storm warning” in the world of country music. However, this tuneful twister is not one to be feared as instead of destruction and chaos, it is going unleash musical mania and hit tunes galore. Though the seeds for this musical phenomenon were sown more than two decades, the storm front only started appearing in 2007. However, when it did, all harmonic hell broke loose, with melodies pouring out from the accordion, guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, piano, drums and the mandolin. So move over Justin Bieber, it’s Hunter Hayes in the house. This Louisiana native is already being hailed as the next country sensation and with the recent trend of country crossovers, the next big thing in the world of pop music too. He is going to be heating things up at the Florida Strawberry Festival so make sure you nab some Hunter Hayes Plant City tickets to be drenched by his country downpour.

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Being an only child of Leo and Lynette Hayes, Hunter was the center of attention, and his family indulged his whims considerably. A toy accordian gifted to him by his grandma on his second birthday sparked his love affair with music that only got stronger as the years rolled by. Hunter was already performing on national television when only four years of age and by seven, serenaded the then US President Bill Clinton at a lawn party in the White House. Having barely broken into his teens, Hunter was signed by Universal Music Publishing Group in 2008. Get some cheap Hunter Hayes Plant City tickets to see how far one of "America's Most Talented Kids" has gotten.
Right out of high school, Hunter displayed his songwriting prowess, co-writing the song “Play” for Rascal Flatts. 2010 saw Hunter being signed by Atlantic Records and he released his self-titled debut album the following year. The record entered the top-ten on the Billboard Country Albums chart, peaking at the number four position and achieved a peak position f 18 on Billboard 200, going gold in the process. His first single “Storm Warning” became a top-twenty hit on the Country Singles chart and even entered Billboard’s Hot 100. Achieving a gold certification, the track blazed the trail for his chart-topping smash single “Wanted” that besides going double-platinum, went top-twenty on Billboard’s Hot 100. “Somebody’s Heartbreak” didn’t mince any words either, striking a strong chord with Hunter’s fans, topping out at the 9th spot on the US Country Singles chart and becoming his third Hot 100 track. The Hunter Hayes Plant City concert will surely have this heartthrob breaking your heart.
Hunter Hayes musical brilliance did not just start spreading with the release of his mainstream studio release but burst forth at the turn of the millennium. His first album was actually Through My Eyes that after coming out in 2000, paved the way for his sophomoric release Make a Wish. At an age when most children are still figuring out their Ps and Qs, Hunter Hayes was penning songs like nobody’s business. For him, songwriting was more like a catharsis, providing him with a “safe zone” where he could withdraw into when wanting to express his innermost sentiments. His parents built him a little studio in his home where he spent much of his time after coming back from school and even skipped on many of his high school parties, never bowing under peer pressure.

However, Hunter Hayes truly upped the ante after starting his professional career. He may have come across as the next label crafted flash-in-the-pan but behind those twinkly eyes and teasing smile is a consummate musician who wants to assert his musical mettle as soon as he gets some creative control. His debut studio endeavor may not be as ambitious as some of the Nashville slickers out there, but his chipper style will soon come on top and triumph. At twenty-one, he has clinched five awards, including a “New Artist of the Year” CMA Award. Hunter has been nominated for three Grammy Awards in 2013, including “Best New Artist” and “Best Country Album”. Claim some Hunter Hayes Plant City tickets to have him put a dent in Bieber Fever and ease your pop pain.

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