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Formed in 2001, Kerfuffle truly created the commotion that its title denotes. Now rules the stage with four members, Kerfuffle is an English folk band of South Yorkshire and Midlands. With the most innovative and enticing beats, Kerfuffle proved themselves as the upcoming folk boom. The band rose to great heights as they became the finalist in BBC Young Folk Award in 2004. While showcasing their talent at the numerous occasions, Kerfuffle even got the opportunity to perform at the Royal Opera House. With the amalgamation of traditional and contemporary material, Kerfuffle brought forward the tight ensemble, virtuosity and immense harmony that band develops in their performances. DC 101 Kerfuffle is ruling hearts of millions as some of the most enticing works from Garbage, Anberlin, Sublime with Rome and the Offspring are all coming together in a single festival with the notion to impress the beat lovers.

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About DC101 Kerfuffle Sublime with Rome

Reaching the benchmark point of 50 million albums selling worldwide, Kerfuffle Sublime is categorized as one of the best-selling punk rock work ever produced. With such huge following going on there is no one who could go wrong and miss this massive event of the year. Zooming up the charts in 90’s, Kerfuffle Sublime shattered all the existing records of its time. DC 101 Kerfuffle Sublime with Rome tickets promise you a time worth spending this season. Gather your loved ones and surprise them as Kerfuffle Sublime tickets are your chance to be the part of this punk rock/folk festivity.
The unison of Kerfuffle Sublime is a bang on all those who aspire to listen to something different and far from ordinary. This inspirational amalgamation has led millions to think out of the box. You too can be the part of this mad crowd who is yearning to go crazy for Kerfuffle Sublime show this season. Kerfuffle as a band has displayed immense signs of creativity and innovation as they did not clog themselves to the theatres rather a whole new world of arenas was open to them. They performed at the festivals, opera houses, art centers, folk clubs and the list goes on. DC 101 Kerfuffle Sublime with Rome is a music tour that is lined up to bring together all the great rock bands like the Offspring, Garage, Sublime with Rome and Anberlin together as a single music festival. Inspiring the beat lover’s way back in 90’s with their lyrics and beats, DC 101 Kerfuffle Sublime with Rome is coming once again to reach the top of the charts and shattering all the previous records.
Although in a pithy time Kerfuffle made their place in the music scene, many others just keep on yearning to get their name recognized by then. It is the honesty of heart and the true commitment to their profession that has simply brought them into the limelight in such a brief time. The simple yet true to life lyrics were all that made them popular amongst the music fanatics. In 2010, Kerfuffle planned to step down and put an end to their music journey in 2010 after creating a lot of kerfuffle in the music market. DC 101 Kerfuffle is still the chance for the Kerfuffle lovers to come and join them on this journey of creativity. Grab the chance and get your tickets for the show right away as we promise you the time worth remembering. 
Being rated as one of the premiere youth bands of this age, Kerfuffle have their distinct style and energy on stage with the incorporated songs, dances and tunes influenced from across the Europe. Energy and style is what we all see in the performances of Kerfuffle as they step up on stage. Although the band has split but they partially unite with the intention to deliver something for their fans. Be the part of this exciting journey as Kerfuffle is planning to take you head over heels and take you to a whole new world of music and beats. Tick out some time and join them.

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