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The Coachella 3 day pass Indio event has become one of the most celebrated music festivals of the country. The music and art festival is held every year at the “Empire Polo Club,” in Indio, California. The show features various genres of music including rock, indie, electronic as well as hip-hop, for a period of three days. The multi-day event also focuses on other forms of art other then music. The festival incorporates huge sculptures and monuments designed by talented artists. The audiences enjoy the exhibition of arts throughout the festival as they roam around the festival grounds.

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Since its inception in 1999, the festival has featured various renowned artists including “Rise Against the Machines,” “Red Hot Chili Peppers,” “Madonna,” “David Guetta,” “Depeche Mode” and “Cold Play” amongst others. Obtaining Coachella 3 day pass Indio tickets will allow attendees the chance to experience a whole three day music fiesta along with their favorite stars and beautifully decorated stages and ambiance for a memorable experience. Coachella festival was formed after Pearl Jam’s concert in 1993 that opened doors for a new type of entertainment. Since then the festival grew in size every year and in 2007 managed to sell over hundred thousand tickets, marking the festival as one of the biggest events in the country.
The festival offers various facilities for its attendees including camping opportunities. The festival focuses on sustainability and tries to provide a healthy environment for the audiences. Grabbing cheap Coachella 3 day pass Indio tickets will lead to an overwhelming musical extravaganza for the audience. 

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