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Evanescence, a rock band like none other, has been at the forefront of rock since its formation in 1995. The band has rocked through charts and transcended boundaries way beyond what was previously comprehendible to become a global phenomenon, a symbol of excellence. On top of selling multi-platinum albums they have also made a reputation for brilliant live performers. This amazing band is on tour right now so rock fans check the schedule and grab your Evanescence tickets now and be a part of a sensational rocking party.

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About Carolina Rebellion Evanescence

Evanescence was borne out of a friendship between Amy Lee and Ben Moody. Amy being a singer, songwriter and a pianist was performing live in 1994 when Ben, a guitarist and writer himself saw her play. That was a start of a friendship that led to the duo performing together. A few of their songs made their way to radio stations and the fans started to demand a concert by the duo. The demand resulted in them making their first public appearance. That debut concert helped increase their profile locally and they decided to call themselves Evanescence. They celebrated naming themselves as a band by releasing an EP titled Evanescence EP in the year 1998 which was marketed by distribution at various shows. They then went on to create and release their debut full fledged CD titled Origin. About twenty five hundred copies were made and distributed at various concerts.
Their big break came when Evanescence was noticed by the people at Wind-up Records and they were duly brought onboard. Once the agreement had been signed the duo went on to recruit more people to become a part of the band. Their debut album, Fallen came out in the year 2003 and did it break records or what! The album turned into a huge rage overnight that shot straight up to the top of the charts. It spent a staggering forty three weeks on the Billboard Top 10 and was certified seven times platinum to become one of the biggest debut hits in history. Not only that, it also became a part of a selected group of eight albums in history to spend a year on the Billboard Top 50 and sold seventeen million copies around the world. The icing on the cake came when Evanescence was nominated for seven Grammys and won two out those to announce their arrival in style. The success of Fallen was then followed by a major tour where fans bought Evanescence tickets in droves and sold-out arenas everywhere.
They then went on to release two major hit tracks Bring Me to Life and My Immortal. The former earned Evanescence another couple of Grammys. After a few changes in the bands line-up the group released their first live album titled Anywhere but Home in 2004. It became their second platinum album when it went on to sell over a million copies. Their next album was The Open Door that came out in 2006 and sold four hundred forty seven thousand copies in the first week alone. Another major tour followed that took the band to packed houses at various parts of the world. Then came their next album which was self-titled and released on 7th October, 2011. Not bucking the trend, it again became a huge hit by going to the top spot on the Billboard 200. The album was an immense hit globally too with it making appearances on charts at twenty different countries around the world.
Evanescence as a band have been creative and one step ahead of the pack. They have done things their own way by staying true to their music and what made them famous in the first place in an era when a lot of artist/bands have molded themselves capture the popular rages of the time. A sensational live band to boot, they are on a road trip again and you can join them on their journey for an amazing ride by grabbing cheap Evanescence tickets at the first opportunity you get.

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