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You must really be tone-deaf if you don’t appreciate their music. The rock outfit Deftones has been shaping the landscape of the music world for the past twenty-five years. Though they burst into the mainstream in the mid-nineties, they have catapulted themselves to the forefront of the metal and rock genres on the back of their massively hit albums and outrageously successful live concerts and tours. They are going to be shaking things up and tearing them apart at the Carolina Rebellion Festival Deftones event. So all you metal heads and rock fanatics out there, make sure you troop over to the festival grounds to have a rock ruckus by getting some Carolina Rebellion Festival Deftones tickets.

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About Carolina Rebellion Deftones

Where most of the rock bands during the late eighties were bombarding their fans with arena rock vibes, Deftones arose as one of the first bands to start experimenting with an alternative rock sound that was laced with heavy riffs and raging vocals. They had a textbook band beginning, with a bunch of aspiring Sacramento based high school musicians coming together to jam in a basement. Chino Moreno took to screaming the vocals, whereas Stephen Carpenter and Abe Cunningham started playing the guitar and the drums respectively. Chi Chen came on board a little later as the band’s permanent bassist after the trio had auditioned several local bass players.
For the first couple of years of the existence, Deftones kept a relatively low-key profile and played mostly underground gigs at local club, eventually moving on to other parts of California such as San Francisco and LA. In their early days, they found themselves sharing the stage with other experimental rock acts such as Korn, and drawing inspiration from the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Faith No More and Tool. The first formal recording was that of a four-track demo tape that they released through Maverick Records.
Deftones kicked things up with their debut album Adrenaline that was recorded with having music producer Terry Date on board. Terry had worked with bands such as Soundgarden as well as Pantera on several albums and so brought his platinum selling sound. Released in 1995 through Maverick, though Adrenaline was not a critical success, it was certified platinum and built up a dedicated fan base for the band and blazed a trail for Deftones’ second studio offering.
With both Deftones and producer Terry Date firing on all cylinders, Around the Fur, released in 1997, proved to be a massive chartbusting record, eventually being certified platinum. It not only peaked at the 29th spot on Billboard 200 but also made headway into the album charts in countries such as the UK, France, Finland and New Zealand. Tracks such as "My Own Summer (Shove It)" and "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" were borne out as noticeable hits, ascending to the 29th positions on the UK Singles and the US Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks charts.
White Pony, released at the turn of the millennium garnered even greater success and acclaim, breaking into the top-slot of many charts across major markets such as the US, Australia and France. Peaking at the 3rd spot on billboard 200, it spawned the band’s signature song "Change (In the House of Flies)" that became their first top-ten track.  The album’s track “Elite” earned them their first and only Grammy for “Best Metal Performance.” Your cheap Carolina Rebellion Festival Deftones tickets will definitely make you feel like an “elite” rock music fan.
The band’s self-titled album was released in 2003 and is their highest charting record yet, ascending to the 2nd spot on Billboard 200 and going top-ten in countries such as the UK, Australia, France, Finland and New Zealand. The rest of the albums released by Deftones during the 2000s also enjoyed massive chart popularity hovering in the top-ten slot of Billboard 200.  
Over the years, the band has steadily developed their sound, building it up to a crescendo from time to time at concerts, special shows and festival gigs. The Carolina Rebellion Festival will be no exception, with Deftones sharing the stage with other rock renegades such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Papa Roach. So latch onto some Carolina Rebellion Festival Deftones tickets to be crushed by their hard rock tunes and sliced open by their metallic melodies.

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