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As a group Halestorm have started their journey to the top of the musical food chain in style. What makes this group so special is the bond the members share by playing together for years and that chemistry clearly manifests itself in the music they come out with. They are out on tour and selling-out arenas everywhere so if you want to join in the fun, grab your Halestorm tickets now.

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About Carnival of Madness Tour Halestorm

Halestorm was formed by the brother sister duo Arejay Hale and Elizabeth “Lzzy” Hale in the later half of the 1990’s. Both siblings started to learn playing a piano when they were only five. In the late 1990’s when Arejay was ten and Lzzy thirteen they formed their own group and started to play together. Slowly both of them changed tracks and Lzzy became a keytar player whereas Arejay took to playing the drums. Elizabeth then took her musical education further by learning how to play a guitar when she was sixteen years old. They kept on rehearsing together for hours every day and all that perseverance paid off soon enough. By the time 2000’s came around, they were playing at bars locally and generating quite a few positive headlines. Joe Hottinger then joined Halestorm as a guitarist in the year 2003 and Joe Smith came onboard in 2004 as the bassist. With a much more balanced line-up and more creative influence their talents started to make all the right noises which brought an opportunity to sign for Atlantic Records in 2005.
That was the big break Halestorm were looking for so without wasting anytime they went to work on their first creation. The result was an EP titled One and Done which had the hit song It’s Not You. Halestorm kept on touring extensively while writing and recording new songs along they way. Their full length debut came in 2009 with a self-titled album. It turned out to be a big hit with the track I Get Off becoming the main attraction of the entire album. The band followed the release of Halestorm with another series of extensive tours that took their popularity to the next level. The road trips honed their live performing skills further which played a big part in Halestorm tickets being sold everywhere around the country. They also released another EP titled ReAniMate. It turned out to be the perfect lead up to their next full release, The Strange Case Of… The work on the album began while the group was on the road in the year 2010. After coming to the end of their Uproar Tour in 2011, Halestorm hit the studio to work on and complete their next full length album.

Produced by Howard Benson, the hard rock masterpiece hit the music stores on 10th April, 2012. It became an even bigger hit than its predecessor. The music on the album showcased the depth of Halestorm’s music with its more polished and commercially viable sound. Kerrang gave it four stars out of five and Loudwire rated it at four and a half. Live Metal made it clear that it deserved ten marks out of ten. The success of the albums has put the group on their path to the top and if the indications are anything to go by then this journey will not end till they make it there.
Halestorm are touring constantly with more than two hundred and fifty dates filling their schedule every year. That is a lot of miles per year spent on the road by a group who shot to prominence just a few years ago. The popularity and the fan following they have garnered in such a short space of time is nothing short of astonishing. The group have hit the road once again so buy your Halestorm tickets now and catch these rising super stars live.

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