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Skrillex is an immensely talented music producer and has been known for his music releases which cover a number of genres. His live performances are considered to be a one of a kind experience for all those who are lucky enough to attend his events. Getting a chance to see his concert is the dream of every single person who listens to electronic music and this is an incredible opportunity for a bunch of lucky people who can soon fulfill this dream. All you have to do is to book your Skrillex at Bumpershoot tickets at the very first chance that you get because they have a tendency to sell out rather quickly.

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About Bumbershoot Skrillex

Skrillex, whose real name is Sonny John Moore, was born on the 15th of January in 1988. He hails from the city of Los Angeles in the state of California. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has been associated with a number of different music genres. These include the likes of dubstep, electro house, post-hardcore as well as metalcore. Although he was once the lead singer in the band From First to Last, he is now a full fledge disc jockey who has a incredible knack for producing some of the most amazing electronic music songs you will ever get a chance to listen to. His first extended play came out under the name My Name is Skrillex as a free download and was released on the 7th of June in the year 2010. The album included a whole bunch of songs, each of which covered a separate electronic music genre.
His second extended play came out on the 22nd of October in the same year and was titled Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. The EP was released under the label mau5trap and was considered quite a considerable commercial success. This particular release revolved majorly around the dubstep genre and can be identified as the main reason behind the artist’s rise towards international fame. It was certified as Gold by Recording Industry Association of America. The album also brought the artist his first ever Grammy Award in the shape of the Best Dance Album. In the same year, he also won two other Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording and the Best Remixed Recording. His third EP came out the following year and was titled More Monsters and Sprites and was also a considerable commercial success.
The year 2011 brought him more fame and recognition worldwide. As well as embarking upon international tours, the artist was also recognized by some of the leading companies in the music industry as being one of the best electronic music producers throughout the globe. This can be backed by the fact that he was given the title of the best electronic dance music artist for the year 2011 by popular American cable television channel MTV. The artist is best known for his live performances where thousands of his beloved fans get a chance to witness his musical talents up front and personal. It is no secret that people from all over the world come to see his performances and you can be among them too by choosing to buy Skrillex at Bumpershoot tickets today. By doing so, you will be present within the crowd for whom he will be performing live at his upcoming event.
Skrillex is one of the most popular disc jockeys around the world today. This is your chance to see him perform live. Make sure that you buy your Skrillex tickets today.

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