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A bunch of childhood friends decided to start their own band while watching Michael Nesmith’s Elephant Parts. Almost three decade later, they are the international phenomenon known as The Tragically Hip. These childhood friends were Gordon Downie, Johnny Fay, Paul Langlois, Bobby Baker, and Gord Sinclair. Their passion for creating good music and enjoying it while doing so, made them do wonders. They made a mark in the local neighborhood right from their beginning in the mid eighties.

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The Tragically Hip got its big break nearly half a decade later, when the president of MCA Records Bruce Dickinson caught them performing at the Horseshoe Tavern. Soon enough they were working on their EP which was out in the market by 1987. After twelve studio albums and 46 albums, the band is still doing great, growing with each of their new release.  The band has been recognized and lauded on various platforms; they have won Juno Awards fourteen times and are also winners of numerous Canadian Awards. They are the rock stars, who have tested their extremes by bringing alternative and pop variations. Their songs themes have taken twists and turn as well; some of their songs are plain amiable, good natured ballads while the rest is just cynical, cathartic venting.
The Hip’s first studio album was Up to Here. The album was released by MCA and was a diamond success in Canada. The album received an excellent reception from the critics; especially Allmusic had all the praise for these Canadian sweethearts. They declared the Hip as “the Burgeoning talent…with a lot yet to come”. The idea to weave heartfelt emotions into musical swagger was much appreciated in their singles. The most popular singles coming out of the album were When the Weight Comes Down, New Orleans Is Sinking and Blow at High Dough.

Their sophomore album was a bigger hit than ever before. It became their first #1 album on the Canadian charts and was certified as a multiple platinum album. The album had winning singles like Little Bones, Twist My Arm, Three Pistols and On the Verge. The Tragically Hip had six consecutive number #1 albums after this. Each album reiterated their success spelling them out as one of most amazing Canadian artist of their times. Their # 1 albums included Music @ Work, Phantom Power, Trouble At The Henhouse, Fully Completely and Day for Night. This streak of successful albums led out to some of their most memorable singles. The list of their popular singles included Locked in the Trunk of a Car, Courage, Grace Too, Greasy Jungle, Ahead by a Century, Gift Shop, Poets, Fireworks and Bobcaygeon

Their streak was broken down by their studio album In Violet Light released in 2002. The album was pretty good but made it to the second spot only. The album was still a platinum success selling over thousands of copies. The album featured various fun songs but none of them was a real success. The band bounced back two years later with the successful, chart toping album In Between Evolution. Overjoyed with the success of their album, they released World Container as their next studio album.
Their most recent album is We Are the Same which was again the top rated album of the charts. It sold over twenty seven thousand copies in the very first week. The Tragically Hip has been travelling all across the US and Canada to promote their songs. Their live performances are a treat hard to be missed. They have also covered a couple of musical festivals over the past. This year as well they have an exciting line up with Big Music Fest at Bobcaygeon as an exciting event. The band is headlining the festival and will be telling over their Willie Nelson tale at the Bobcaygeon again. To catch them perform some of their best songs live order The Tragically Hip Tickets now!
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